Monday Musings – A Whole Lot Of Random

Good Monday morning friends! One week from today is the BIG day! Can you believe it? I got my cards mailed out yesterday and the presents that needed to be mailed as well, so I can mark those off my list. 

We had a fun weekend with our girl back home. 

We are so spoiled by the weather here in CA and being able to go out for a nice long walk without freezing. 

Saturday I had a TON of returns to make but of course I couldn’t just leave the store without trying a couple of things on. This top is soft as butter and could be a comfort item like a child’s blankie. It’s also available in black and “dutch tulip” aka white.

As luck would have it, LOFT is still offering 50% off everything with code WRAPITUP

This off the shoulder sweater is super soft too and can easily be dressed up or down. It has the slightest bell sleeve, and I think it would be great for a New Year’s Day/Eve gathering. I happen to have on a gray bra with it and the straps looked like they were part of it, so you could always go that way with this one.

This sweater came home with me. It was really unexpected. I tried it on feeling sure it would be a flop and ended up loving it. 

I also had ordered this one and love it. I’m all about a swingy sweater or top. They are so comfortable and this one is so soft I’m pretty sure it was knit by angels. I wore it yesterday (and forgot to snap a pic) with this necklace and loved the combo. 

Here are some of my favorites to check out before the sale ends.

Apparently we had a what was called a storm with no precipitation or something like that. We got up Sunday morning to this. Guess Santa needs to bring us a new umbrella since ours broke in half.?

Erin’s sister is a photographer and took engagement photos of the cute couple on Saturday morning. This is one of our favorites. 

Katie managed to steal some sweet little baby cuddles at church Sunday morning and little Miss Leah went right to sleep on her. I’m not really sure who was happier about this. 

Katie helped me decorate Christmas cookies. We make a great team.

Not the best photos, but you get the picture. Decorating sugar cookies is back breaking work and by the time we were done, we.were.done.?

When I ordered our Echo Dot on Black Friday, Amazon offered me a special deal for a smart plug. I’m here to tell ya’ this thing is sweet! Kent had the brilliant idea to plug the tree into it and it works great. You can control it through your phone and turn it on and off. I highly recommend one and just think of all the ways you could mess with your kids…LOL. Speaking of messing with your kids, we had an app on our ipad for a while that we could use to change the channels on the televisions without being in the room. The kids didn’t know about it and they’d be watching a show and because we are such great parents we’d change the channel from our room. They thought something was wrong with the TV but caught on really fast. It was fun while it lasted.

Now that I’ve shared just how goofy we are, it’s time to get moving. Lots to do this week to get ready to travel for Christmas. 

Happy Monday!



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