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T minus 2 days and counting, til’ Thanksgiving that is. I saw yesterday that the outlets by our house are opening at 3:00 on Thanksgiving Day. THREE O’ CLOCK PEOPLE! Are you kidding me??? I mean come on. Are we supposed to start having a Thanksgiving brunch so we can be ready to hit the Black Thursday Friday sales? (rant over?)

I use to love getting up early and hitting those sales first thing on Black Friday. In fact that was one of my favorite days of the year. My mom and I would head out bright and early and if my Aunt was visiting she was right there with us. Well, I’m sorry, but I’m not giving up the afternoon with my family to hit the malls on Thanksgiving Day. If I miss some bargains, then I guess I just miss them. Honestly, at this point I do some shopping on line that going to the mall is almost a hassle. I’ve gone soft I tell ya’.

If you haven’t made your lists and are still searching for ideas, I’ve put together a “Gifts for Her” post right here. I’m hoping to get a “Gifts for Him” post up soon too and I’m thinking if I can get these two girls to sit down with their computers and give me some good ideas, I can do one for “College Girls”.

So without further ado…

I’m going to spare y’all the commentary on these #crunchedfortime and let them speak for themselves. You can click the images below and go right to each item, pop it in your cart and mark it off your list.

Happy shopping friends!


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