Last Weekend In October Review

Now way. Today is the 30th of October. That means a lot of big things are on the horizon. Things like our trip to Hawaii TOMORROW!!! Then when we get back it will only be a little less than 2 weeks until Katie and Erin arrive for Thanksgiving, and a few days after they get here, Benny will arrive. Poor guy. Welcome to the real world, where jobs dictate your vacation.

So the big question is…Have you started thinking about Black Friday?

Our weekend was uneventful by most standards, but we enjoyed it. Here’s a quick peak.

Katie went with her “friend” Luke to a rehearsal dinner. Can I tell you how awesome FaceTime is! She just calls me up and says which shoe, which earring, and yada yada. I love it!

Last night I received this picture. Aren’t they adorable?! Best part is she’s so happy. This little girl has had some hard relationships since starting college, but this one looks like it promises to be much better. (Oh, and btw, shhhh…they are now dating?)

We got a new ipad! Yippee! Ours was 4 years old and had gotten to where it would hardly respond. I mostly use it at night before I go to sleep to cruise Pinterest and such, so we just traded our old one in on a basic model. The trade in value was $110, so we thought that was pretty good. I ordered this case with a keyboard to go with it. I’ve also downloaded a bunch of shows from our DVR to watch on the flights.

Thanks to Shelly’s advice I ordered this wide angle lens to go on our cell phones. I figure we will probably end up mostly taking “selfies” on our trip and this looks like it will really come in handy. If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member but love to order and want free 2 day shipping, click here and join now.


It was finally cool enough to wear some “fall-ish” Saturday. OU was playing and while that wasn’t really my motivation for choosing this top, it worked out well. #boomersooner I love this Free People tunic I purchased last year and it’s back this year too. Free People clothes are some of my favorites.


Sunday morning I pulled this outfit together for church.

And because I knew there would MINUTES where I’d be cold, I added one of my favorite sweaters. This circle cardigan is like being wrapped in a hug. Cheesy right? Yes, but oh so true.

We finally shared our first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and it was yummy.

Since we will be gone for Trick or Treating tomorrow night I wanted to take the girlies next door some special treats. Truth be told, even if we were here I would still do something special for them.

They were all kinds of cute in their little tiger ears and of course couldn’t bust into their goodies fast enough.

Thanks for stopping by today friends. I’d better get a move on. I probably don’t have to tell you if I post, it will be spotty at best until we return. I hope you have a great week.


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