Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

So this past weekend I pulled on my big girl panties and did something I would have never thought I’d do. Something way out of my comfort zone.

I went away for 4 days with a group of people I really didn’t know. I had one friend from college and another I’d met briefly (like 10 minutes) in a store. There were 16 of us in a house. Sharing bedrooms, bathrooms, meals and a lot of together time. 

Well guess what? It was great! Now I’ll admit when I got there Wednesday evening I was thinking, “Oh my, this is going to be a long weekend. What have I done?” Not because of anything that had happened, just because of a new situation. I’m a very cautious person and this was throwing caution to the wind.

We all had one thing in common. Rodan + Fields. That’s why we were there. We were doing a convention “virtually”. Learning and training together. Bouncing ideas off of each other. Learning strategies for was worked and hasn’t worked.

These are my girls. Team Empower.  What a great name. Jami (in the middle) is our fearless leader. We are all “empowered” to make our businesses what we want them to be. We are “empowering” women to have the best skin of their lives and feel better about themselves. We are “empowered” to make a difference in the lives of our families. 


This picture represents four different teams. (Yes, we had one man among us. There is a husband and wife team)

So it didn’t take long to get to know these sweet people and develop new friendships. I mean who doesn’t need more friends in their life?

Thanks to old Hurricane Nate, we ended up cutting our trip short a day to beat the weather back to Nashville. So that meant we were leaving on my birthday. 

But not before my new friends celebrated my special day with a cake for breakfast. 


So what was my takeaway from this trip…besides 14 wonderful new friends? Sometimes you have to break through the walls of your comfort zone and put your toe over the line. We aren’t going to grow if we don’t stretch. It isn’t always going to be comfortable, but most likely you will walk away better for it.

Live your best life!

Coming home early meant I got to see Benny for a few minutes.

And go out to dinner with friends who are way more like family.


BTW…This top has catapulted to the top of my favorites.

Before I go, let me give you a quick look at what I found out about at our conference.

We are releasing one new product and have revAMPed two others.

Active Hydration has been a real game changer for so many people. Well now there’s an Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex specifically for those baby blues. Designed to combat the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and brighten the under eye area. It can be used alone or layered under the ever popular Multi-function eye cream.

The AMP MD roller has been revAMPed and the Night Renewing Serum (one of my absolute favorites) has been reformulated. 

If you are interested in learning more or want to get on my list to be first in line to get these products when they are released, just let me know.

OH…and one more thing…

HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY to my partner in crime!

May we be blessed with another 25 years. Hey! Why don’t we go to Hawaii in a couple of weeks??

I love you!

That’s it friends. Have a wonderful Tuesday! I think we’re going to get rained on here today.



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