Friday Favorites #81

Hello friends and hello Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’m having a little trouble believing this is the last Friday in October and next week will be November. It’s been in the upper 80’s and hit 90 degrees several days this week, so it sure doesn’t feel like fall right now.

Just like every Friday I’m linking up with some blog friends to chat about our favorites from the week. You can find all the link ups I participate in under the Link Ups tab above. I’ve got a variety of things to share with you, so lets get to it. 


Y’all know I love a good funny and if you’ve ever stepped on a Lego…well you know there is no pain like a Lego stabbing the bottom of your foot. Those little boogers manage to hide everywhere no matter how hard you try to keep them picked up.

#boymom #rightofpassage


Accessory Concierge is where I’ve found some of my favorite accessories. They are having a sale through the 31st. 25% off the entire site with code “BOO”.


I received another Influenster box this week with Garnier Fructis products in it. Both bottles are made to use when straightening and add protection from heat and enhance shine. 

The Flat Iron Perfector is used on dry hair before straightening. As I was misting it on, I noticed it had a nice smell. My hair didn’t feel heavy or crunchy after using it and it provides heat protection up to 450 degrees. The other bottle is a glossing spray and it also has a nice smell and leaves my hair really soft and weird as it sounds glossy and shiny. I think it really brings out the blonde highlights in my hair, and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling like it has any kind of residue or stiffness and it remains moveable and touchable.

Disclaimer: “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes”.

Influenster isn’t just a blogger community. It’s for all people who like to test products and give feedback. If you’d like to become a member of the Influenster community and receive items for free to test, feel free to use my referral link.


Halloween Buntings

While I was in Nashville, Elizabeth and I made the cutest burlap bunting to hang on her mantle. This wasn’t our first time we’ve done this together. Last spring we made adorable bunny buntings for Easter and I also made one for Valentine’s Day last year. This week I made a candy corn one for myself. They are both really cute, but I think I like the dots the same color as the candy corn like we did on hers. I might give mine to my neighbor and make another one for myself. What do you think?




I’ve burned this candle every day this week (thanks Kellyann) and it smells glorious. The smell permeates the entire house and I love it. 



Okay, do you keep deodorant in your car? I keep it in mine and I had one in Kent’s until it recently melted. Lets just say he wasn’t exactly thrilled about that.?


One of the last times I was in Nashville, my girlfriend Carla (hi Carla!) told me about this nail polish.  She said she could go 2 weeks without having to redo her nails and loved it. The bottle says 7 days and the first time I used it, mine lasted 4 days before one nail chipped. She was using this top coat. (they didn’t have it when I went in the store, so I purchased this one.) I’m going to see how long they last this time and then maybe order the right topcoat. Honestly, I was happy to have my polish stay on after just one day. I usually paint mine and they chip the next morning in the shower.


Loft is having a FLASH sale with 60% off a lot of fall merchandise. These things will be showing up on my doorstep next week. They’ve also got 50% off a lot of other things too.

Use code: FLASH

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   That’s a wrap friends. Have a wonderful weekend.



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