And She’s Back…Home That Is

Hey friends! Good grief. Even though I’ve done some spotty posting during the last two weeks, I feel like I’ve been away from you forever. I missed y’all. I stay so busy when I’m gone to Tennessee that it’s hard to squeeze in time for blogging. In past trips I’ve tried to stay up with it more, but this time I just decided I needed to soak it all in and live in the present.

Kent came out Friday for the weekend and a whole lot of celebrating. Often when I go on one of these extended trips he joins me at the end. I joke and tell people he’s there to “escort me home” and make sure I return.

I don’t think it’s any secret just how much I love going to Nashville to visit. My kids are there and some of my favorite people in the world as well, but it’s always good to get home.

So I thought I’d share a brief recap of our weekend and all the fun that ensued. 

Saturday night we attended the wedding of some our best friends daughter. Rachel or “Rachie” as we affectionately call her. It’s not very often that we get to have our little family of 4 together but Kent and I really loved getting to spend a little time with both of our kids like “the good ol’ days”. I know my mom and dad always love the rare opportunity when my brother and I are with just them.

I was put in charge of the marriage license and felt very important…lol

Have you ever noticed no father looks thrilled when he’s taking this walk with his daughter?


The wedding took place in their cute little downtown square. The weather was perfect and the everything was beautiful.

One of my besties Dawn, was the beautiful mother of the bride.

Next up on our celebrating was Katie’s big day.

She picked a favorite BBQ joint for lunch.

 And some of her favorite people were there.

Are you ever too old to sit on your daddy’s lap? I think not.

We ended the day with the birthday dessert of choice and presents.


Turning 20 looks good on you “Katie the bug”!

Once the kids left we played spades. Girls vs. Boys. If you play, then you know this was a PITIFUL hand I had.

This hardly ever happens, but we were able to have a seat between us on both flights home.


I hope you had as much fun over the weekend as we did. Now I’ve got suitcases, laundry and the grocery store calling my name. UGH!


Have a great week my peeps!


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