Weekend Review And 10 on the 11th

Hello Monday and hello friends. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and if you were in the path of that mean old Irma you stayed safe. The wacky weather we’ve been having the last couple of weeks needs to stop so people can get their lives back. I feel so bad for all the people who have been displaced and lost their homes due to weather. We continue to keep the people of Texas, Florida and neighboring states suffering in our prayers.

Well Katie got a bid to pledge and is now in the throws of that. 

These are two of her besties on bid night.

Kent and I went back to our Saturday bagel walk. We had gotten in a really great routine of doing this back in the spring where we’d walk to a nearby bagel shop and eat a late breakfast or early lunch and then walk home. It would be 5-7 miles round trip depending on the route. While Katie and I were doing our boot-camp this summer we took a break from it and Kent was so happy to resume. I did my big workout Friday morning instead of the normal Saturday to accommodate our walk. It’s a fun way to start our weekend.

similar top / jeans  / sandals

Saturday afternoon we ran errands and came home to watch the OU vs. OSU football game. It was a great game and OU brought it in the 2nd half and stomped OSU. Sorry all you Buckeye fans, but BOOMER SOONER!

 similar dress / Converse / earrings

Sunday we had worship in the park. This is something we do once a year where we take our worship service across the street to a park…just like it sounds…LOL

Kent and I were sporting our red and white, not intentionally, but I wanted to be cool since it was going to be in the upper 90’s and he just wanted to wear his Oklahoma shirt.

We ended up having “linner” (a late lunch/early dinner) and splitting a piece of our favorite Godiva cheesecake. Why anyone doesn’t like chocolate is beyond me. I think I could live on it.

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was time for me to replenish our candle supply so we popped in Bath and Body and picked up this coffee scented candle and a fall scent. As I sit here typing this we’ve got the coffee one burning and Kent is now wanting Tiramisu because the smell reminds him of it. Coffee and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly.

You know I had a coupon for something free with my purchase and I grabbed this pillow mist. It smells lovely on your pillows and we both slept well. Maybe it was the mist, maybe we were just tired…hahaha.

I have been meaning to participate in Erin’s 10 on the 10th link up for months and always forget, but not this month. Since the 10th fell on Sunday it’s actually 10 on the 11th. 

This month the topic is 10 things you love about your home. This is a really good one for me. It made me stop and think about what I love about this particular home because to be quite honest, I’ve never been much of a fan. I can’t decide if it’s the structure itself (I think that’s a good part of it) or because of what we went through building it. The builder (K. Hovnanian Homes) couldn’t have been any more difficult to work with. We payed a premium for a house here in CA and the finishes they use are such poor quality it leaves a really sour taste. So why did we choose them? I am not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that even a getting a house 4 years ago in the Bay Area of California was nearly impossible.  There was a shortage of homes and abundance of buyers who were often paying cash or there were bidding wars galore. A home would go on the market and before you could even see it, it was sold. The builders would have entire neighborhoods they were developing and release 6 or 7 homes at a time with wait lists or lines of people the day of the release. This was THE ONLY home we could get and it was nothing short of a miracle that we got it. We truly believe God provided it, but it was the most stressful thing we’ve ever gone through.

Here are a few of the things I love about it.


I love these 3 people and that we share our home, but now it’s usually just this guy and me. The empty nest is not nearly as lonely as we feared and we’ve gotten use to it being just the 2 of us again.❤️


Our updated family room decor. I love our new sofa and curtains. They really transformed the look of this room and lightened it up. (see a home tour post here for a before picture) The corner of the sofa is my favorite place to sit and where I do my blogging.


A huge kitchen island. I love having a large island in the middle of my kitchen. These pictures were taken after I painted it. It use to be the same as the cabinets and painting it lightened up the kitchen and made it not look like an anchor in the middle of the floor. Read about this project here.


Our cute little back yard.


Having a huge master suite. I really do feel like our bedroom is a retreat.


And while I’m not really a fan of having the tub jet out into the room like this, I do love that we have a huge master bath with plenty of room for both of us to be in there at the same time.


Having pieces of furniture that have family history is a favorite. This sofa and the cheetah chair were my paternal grandparents and are on their 3rd life. This is the second time I’ve had them recovered.


I love what’s behind these doors…a HUGE pantry (that really needs to be straightened up)


I love the location of our home. We are convenient to a lot of things. Our last home was out a ways and I had to drive to get to “stuff”, but we are very centrally located in this house.


I love that we have plenty of room for guests. We have 5 bedrooms and I love filling them with friends and family. Nothing makes me happier than having the people I love here and taking care of them.

Now I just need to remember to focus on these positives and forget about the rest. I hope you have a great week. Time to get things going around here.


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