TBB Asks Back to School Edition

So here we are. The first Monday in September and with a heavy sigh I say…

I always hate to see summer draw to a close.

Do you know what Labor Day really is all about? For some strange reason I’ve always felt like it was a patriotic holiday. Maybe because it’s the bookend to summer along with Memorial Day, but it has nothing to do with being patriotic. I turned to my good friend Google and here’s what he had to say about Labor Day…

a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the US and Canada on the first Monday in September.

YASSSS!!!! A day off for no other reason than because we deserve it. I’m all about that! AND a good SALE, because we all know Labor Day comes along with lots of sales. Make sure you read to the bottom of the post where I’ve highlighted some of the best sales right now.

Summer is now officially over and it’s truly back to reality for me. After 2 1/2 weeks of playing with my kids and friends in my beloved southern part of the country it’s time for me to go home. BUT that’s okay, I’ll be back in a month for another round. LOL

My friends over at The Blended Blog are hosting another edition of “The Blended Blog Asks” and it’s all things back-to-school. Read along as I answer the following questions:

1 – Love school or hate it? I loved being with my friends, but could certainly do without the work

2 – Start school before or after Labor Day? 🙌🏼After🙌🏼

3 – Wake up: Eager beaver or slow poke? Eager beaver

4 – Favorite breakfast? Tasty cake cupcakes. Yes, in high school I’d eat whatever for breakfast and frequently it would be something like this. I would still take something sweet over savory any day of the week if I was a breakfast eater.

5 – Favorite cereal? Probably Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops

6 – School uniform or no school uniform? No uniforms

7 – New outfit for first day or no? Sometimes yes and sometimes no

8 – Walk to school or ride the bus? I always wanted to walk to middle school and I did one time. My mom didn’t want us crossing a “busy” road, but all the cool kids walked to school. I basically remember the grass being wet…LOL

9 – Backpack, tote, or messenger bag? Backpacks were just coming in when I was at the end of my high school career so I always carried my books, but in college I had a backpack.

10 – Eat school lunch or pack lunch? In elementary and middle school my mom packed our lunches. In high school I had stellar eating habits and usually had french fries and an ice cream bar for lunch. Thank heavens for good metabolism back then.

11 – Remember the little milk cartons? White or chocolate? White, which is surprising since I’m such a chocoholic

12 – Paper bag or lunch box? Elementary I had a Barbie lunch box.

13 – Favorite thing to do at recess? Not play dodge ball😩

14 – Favorite back to school item? NEW CRAYONS…I still love new crayons!

15 – Chalkboard or dry erase board? Chalk board. Maybe that’s why all us women about my age have such an infatuation with chalk board decor now. hahaha

16 – Regular pencil or mechanical? Mechanical. Keeping regular pencils sharpened is such a pain.

17 – Homework as soon as you got home or after dinner? After dinner. I don’t remember having anywhere near the amount of homework my poor kids have always had and thank goodness for that. It was a struggle for me to do the little amount I had.

18 – Favorite after school snack? Palm to forehead here while shaking my head, but chips and dip. I’m telling you, it’s a wonder I didn’t weigh 200 pounds in high school.

19 – Favorite after school show? The Guiding Light. Who’s with me and went home to watch their favorite “soap opera”? These girls and their Netflix today don’t know what they are missing😉

20 – Favorite subject in school? Chorus. I was in show choir and loved that!

21 – Least favorite school subject? Anything science

22 – Name of your best friend in high school? Teisha and Lisa C.

23 – High school mascot type? Lancers. What the heck? A guy on a horse.

24 – SAT or ACT? Both, and they were equally terrible!

25 – Favorite year in school? I loved high school but I’d probably have to say junior or senior year.

26 – Class ring or no class ring? Yes of course, but I sold it at a gold party over 10 years ago. Cash is king!

27 – Attend or not attend high school reunions? NOPE. I was a not party girl in high school and I’m still not, so those just don’t appeal to me. There are a handful of people I’d love to see and catch up with, but honestly I have a feeling our reunions are probably pretty lame.

I hope you’ll share some of your back-to-school memories and answers in the comments. 

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