Show and Tell – What’s In My Bag

 I’m joining Andrea today for her monthly link up Show and Tell Tuesday, which was delayed to Wednesday. Sometimes I feel like this is the story for my life. LOL Running one day behind. I’ll get it all done, but frequently it’s right on the wire and for someone with pretty good organizational skills that math just doesn’t add up.

So this is probably my favorite bag. I like a bag with a little structure because it’s easier to keep things “in place”. When we had a mud room my purse lived in there, but now the garage comes right into the kitchen so it’s home is usually a bar stool.

I’m always looking for at least one exterior pocket on any bag I buy to hold my phone. I like it to be easily accessible. Check out this bag and it’s cute stud detail.

Now I’d love to tell you it’s this neat and tidy all the time, but that would be a big ol’ lie. I forgot to take a picture before removing everything so I took one once it was all back in. This is how it would  look in a perfect world.

1~ I’ve been carrying my keys on a small holder similar this for years. (options here & here) My license can be seen through a “window” on the back making it easy when someone asks for ID and it has a couple of my credit cards in there so I can grab this and my cell phone if I need to just run a quick errand.

2~ A little bag to contain small things like an Advil container, roller ball perfume, nail clippers and pony tail holders.

3~ Wet Ones. Once a mom, always a mom. I just prefer to wipe my hands off instead of hand sanitizer.

4~ Tissues…because tissues!

5~ A Rodan + Fields mini facial. I always keep at least on of these in purse for an opportunity to share my favorite skin care products with someone.

6~ Lipsticks and gloss

7~ I love this wallet. I’d love to be able to ditch a wallet since I carry my keys with some credit cards, but this has more credit cards? and coupons and punch cards and on and on.

8~ So this is where it might seem weird. Yes, I carry a little bottle of Stevia. Since (mostly) giving up diet soda I drink unsweet tea, but I like to sweeten it and this is my favorite. I don’t want to use artificial sweeteners and you can’t count on restaurants having other options so I just carry my own. (and this Walmart brand is better than all the others I’ve tried…that’s a whole other post)

9~ A stack of coupons because…yes, I’m a bargain shopper!

10~ My glasses. Sadly I have to have my glasses with bifocals (hello old eyes) with me at all times. I’ve even graduated to prescription sunglasses with bifocals.?

11~ GUM!

And of course what’s missing from this picture? My cell phone! I was using it to take the picture.

So that’s what’s in my purse. I have a tote I carry when I travel that holds my laptop, planner, chargers and my jewelry. 

What’s in your bag? I keep trying to pare it down because bags can be heavy before you add all your stuff and then it’s like a suitcase.

Happy Wednesday friends. Only 2 more sleeps until Friday!!!


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