Friday Favorites #75

Stop it! I can.not believe today is the 15th of September already. Are you kidding me? Time is flying by people. I don’t want to wish my life away, but between now and the middle of November we do have some fun events and trips coming. This weekend kicks off the beginning of the “birthday season” in our house. Between now and the middle of October, Kent, Katie and I will all be celebrating birthdays and let’s just say one of those is a doozey.

First up though is the man behind the plan.

Kent will turn %$ this week, so let the celebrating begin!!!!

I guess I could have just gone ahead and made that a favorite but oh well. Now I’m going to join some of my bloggers buddies and share my Friday Favorites.


Today is the last day of pledging for my girl and boy are we happy about that. This girl right here is one tough cookie. What is it that makes girls so mean and nasty? I have no idea, but I can tell you that she’s found out this week she is STRONG and BRAVE!!!!


She is also a great nanny and I love getting cute pictures of her with her little people and the funny stories. 


Little girl: “You know what’s a bad word you should never say? A$$hole”

Little sister: “A$$hole”

There’s your laugh for the day friends!


Now that we’ve talked about cussing, let’s talk about how happy I am to be back with my sweet friends at bible study…LOL. We are starting our study of Matthew and learning all about Jesus’ life.


When I did my Sephora Play review in June this was one of the products I had received. Well I finished up the small one they sent me and bought a full size version. I really love this highlighter. I put it on my brown bones, down the center of my nose, on the top of my cheek bones, in the corner of my eyes and right at the cupids bow on my lips. If you’ve never used a highlighter, I highly (see what I did there?) recommend it.


And while I’m talking about favorites let me just say this setting spray that Kellyann told me (us) about, is the bomb. (read her post here) Sunday I used it before we went to worship in the park. It 

was in the upper 90’s and when I got home, my makeup was still looking good. Love this stuff! Thanks for the tip friend! (I’m wondering if the one I have is being replaced with this one)


Labels from Erin Condren. (no affiliation) I love these cute labels that I ordered years ago to stick on treats and things. They are so colorful and fun! (this bag had Caramelitas in it…YUM!!!)


Monday I talked about this new spray I picked up and let me just say that I’ve used it every night this week and love the relaxing, clean smell on my pillow. I really do kinda think I’m sleeping a little better. (or maybe I’m just tired?)


And this is just funny!!!

So there’s my round-up for this week. What made your favorites? I love looking back over the week, going through my pictures and posts and seeing all the good things that happened. It’s a great reminder to look for the positive! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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