What a weekend!

Happy Eclipse Day!!!!

Since I’m sure you’re just dying of curiosity as to what I’ve been up to here’s a super quick pictorial recap…

We checked out Katie’s dorm on Friday once we finally got to Nashville. (see this post for travel details.)

It has that “new house smell”😀

They have their own bathroom. So the shower curtain rod was obviously hung by a man. (apologies to any men reading this) It was hung at the top and since these are extra tall showers that means the shower curtain lacks about a foot at the bottom. What the heck? I’m going to buy a shower curtain rod and just use it.

Friday night we had a girls night out with Kelsey, Cassie, Katie, Rosalee  and then myself and Kim (Cassie’s mom…my college roommate) Read the tale of us and our girls here.

My college roomie and bestie Kim

Her stuff being stored in our friends basement.

Ready for move in!

Making progress…

Katie’s car arrived Saturday afternoon.

Bridal shower for Rachel (in white) on Sunday afternoon. 

One of my BFF’s…Dawn.

I’m staying with her for part of the week in Franklin, KY and then going back to Nashville.

 This picture is taken through the lens of the eclipse glasses.↑↑↑

These were taken just holding up my camera without the glasses.

I was pretty much indifferent about the whole eclipse phenomenon and really didn’t “get it”…



It was really so cool. I’m so sad Kent didn’t get to experience it and I wish I would have had the knowledge to figure out the best way to photograph it. Watching it progress was amazing and sitting in the dark and what felt like night at 2:00 in the afternoon was absolutely crazy. The crickets were chirping and the temperature dropped and I felt it was time to go to bed.

Were you in a good area to view it? What did you think? 

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