Weekend Wrap Up – Last Weekend at Home Edition

It’s Monday and that means “another one bites the dust”. Now you’ll be singing that song all day if you happened to grow up in the 80’s. Yep, the weekend has come and gone and that also means Katie and I have 3 days to get her ready for us to fly back to Nashville on Thursday and then move her into a BRAND.NEW.DORM on Saturday. And when I say BRAND.NEW I don’t mean as in different, I mean as in just opening. This kid has hit the jackpot. She was supposed to travel abroad as I’ve been mentioning and that fell through when several members of her group dropped out and she decided she felt like she’d be happier if she just stayed at school in the fall. Honestly, this mama wasn’t mad about that. The closer it got the more nervous I was getting…but then again, I’m a nervous Nelly anyway. Back to the dorm…that left her and her roommate without a room reserved and as luck would have it, they managed to get placed in this brand new dorm that’s built to be hotel style to accommodate guests for summer lectures and is actually intended for upperclassmen. Not only will they be in this all new building, but they will have their very own bathroom for just the two of them. I am over the moon excited for her!

So how did we spend our last weekend at home?

Tried a new charcoal face mask.

Snuggled and watched TV.

Saturday morning we got up and headed into San Francisco to play for the day.

As far as we are concerned the BART is the only way to go!

I was in deep thought…

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the Cable Cars. The lines were soooooo long and the city was soooooo crowded Saturday!

A girl and her daddy❤️

I don’t even know why I’m looking at the menu. I get the same thing EVERY.TIME.

Shop my outfit here

We weren’t the only people who wanted their ice cream.

If you’ve never been to SF or Ghirardelli, this is what $40 of ice cream looks like. Yes, it’s expensive, but 1.) It’s SO DELICIOUS and 2.) After you’ve walked and walked and walked some more you’d be willing to pay anything for a treat.

Think we enjoyed it?

We were walking back to the BART station and heard all these birds in a grove of trees and realized they were parrots. It was so cool. There were a ton of them and they were so loud. Kent remembered on a previous tour being told something about them and looked it up when we got home.

Photo: Craig Newmark/twitter

Here’s the article if you are interested.

Exhausted and headed home. We walked about 9 miles up and down big hills. We typically do something “touristy” when we go in, but Saturday we pretty much ate and shopped.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church.

Shop the look

Went to Starbucks and had the best drinks made by the prettiest Barista. Gotta’ stop in whenever we can while she’s here.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Errands and browsing, dinner at home and a little TV.

So how was your weekend? I am absolutely in denial that we are already half way through the month of August. If your kids are starting school this week, then I wish you luck getting back in the groove and hope your little people are excited and happy to see their friends, like their teachers, and adjust to the new normal quickly.

Happy Monday friends!

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