Time For A Makeover

You know we add new pieces to our wardrobes seasonally so why not our homes?

 In the last 7 years we’ve moved twice taking us all the way across the country. I had redone our guest room not all that long before we left Virginia so I continued to use the same decor in each of our new homes. So fast forward to last winter and I decided it was time for an update.

I started by finally biting the bullet and painting the dresser that had been mine as a child. I’m always nervous when I put a paint brush to piece of good wood furniture, but boy am I glad I did. 



I love how the wood top turned out with the painted body.

 Next up I began the hunt for new bedding. I’d been using the same bedding in that room for 10+ years and it was high time to give it a refresh.

This is how it looked in Minnesota and basically the same in our current house.

I knew I wanted a lighter feel and to go a different way with the colors. (looking at the picture above and below they now seem kind of similar…go figure)

I love bedding from Pottery Barn and these are the patterns and textures I landed on. The navy is definitely different from what I’ve used previously and can be mixed with multiple patterns over time should I feel the need to change again.

            Paisley Quilt & Sham                         Navy Linen Quilt & Sham

I want to get a new headboard and store the bed that is currently being used. I feel like the posts chop up the room and want a more open, streamlined look.

Someone suggested a site I wasn’t familiar with for the headboard. Furniture.com. I’m all about shopping on line these days and saving myself time and running all over town trying to find what I’m looking for. I found 2 headboards similar to what I’m looking for, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m in no rush and want to be sure before I make my decision.

I’m also going to need some things to go on the walls and I’m thinking a light colored rug might look good at the foot of the bed and I actually found some of those on the same website. We stuck with very neutral colors in this house for resale since it’s not our forever home.

Here’s how it’s looking now in the process. Once I get a headboard I can tackle the rest and that should be pretty easy. 

So give me your suggestions and thoughts. I get on a roll with this and then I stall out. I always find furniture shopping to be somewhat overwhelming. I guess you could say I’m doing it in baby steps or bite size pieces which is not typically how I operate. I think I must be mellowing out in my “old age”.

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