Some Of My Favorite Accessories

Accessories can make a huge difference in an outfit. They can take a simple tee and jeans and add some panache and personality to it. Take a little black dress and turn it into something people will remember. I have several places I like to shop for accessories, but one of my favorites is Accessory Concierge. They are having a back to school sale and if you use the code ABC123 you will receive 25% off your entire order.

These are some of my favorites that you’ve seen over and over. I thought it might be helpful to see them with different outfits. Sometimes a bigger necklace can be intimidating if you aren’t use to wearing one, but it can also transform a top or dress.

Y’all know me and my bargain shopping ways so I try to order a piece or two whenever AC has a sale. I also like to order for my friends for birthdays, etc…

You can find all the pieces I’m wearing below in the “widget”. This isn’t a sponsored post but these are affiliate links. Thank you for purchasing through my blog and supporting me.

Shop the post

I hope you’ll join me in continuing to think about and pray for all my friends in Texas.


I link to items using affiliate links. When you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase I may receive a commission. There is no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my blog!

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