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Hey and happy Thursday. Sadly (for me) the day is finally here. The day Katie and I leave for her to go back to school. While she was originally supposed to study abroad in Florence, Italy, that changed about a month ago and now she’s staying on campus and honestly, I’m not at all sad about that. I’m happy to know she’ll be in Nashville and not gallivanting all over Europe. This mama does not have a gypsy soul or adventurous spirit. She’s a home body and likes to have her birdies at least on the same continent if they aren’t in the nest. I know, I know, I’m a real buzz kill.😜 


It’s the 3rd Thursday of the month which means it’s time for our Ladies Who Link Party with my friends Allie from A Gal Named AlTrina & Sara from Mom’s Coffee Date,  Tara from Mommy In A Nutshell and Holly from Pink Lady. This month we are sharing our back to school prep. Little did we know at the time the prompts were planned that a lot of the link ups this month would be sharing the same topic. Oh well, no worries. Let’s get to it and be sure to share you back to school prep with us and link up at the bottom of this post.

Back to school with college age kids looks a lot different than little kids. You can check out what putting a kid in college looks like here and here

Tuesday night we finally got Katie’s car picked up to go to Nashville. We choose to ship it on a car carrier instead of driving it 2300 miles. By the time you do the math and factor gas, food, lodging, vacation time and a good 4 days of driving, it’s about as cheap to ship it as drive it. We did the same thing with Benny’s. We ship them out to Nashville with no intention of them coming back to California. That sounds sad, but it’s really not. They love Nashville and both want to set down roots there. The best part is that when Kent retires, Nashville is where we intend to land.

These big trucks can’t navigate all the trees that line the long road in our neighborhood so at 9:30 we headed out of the neighborhood to a larger street to meet the truck and driver. If you follow me on Instagram (which, why wouldn’t you?😉) then maybe you saw all of this on my story.

Katie and I spent yesterday getting things ready and packing. I’m happy to report my giant suitcase was actually packed before I climbed in the bed last night.

So while I no longer have lots of advice to share for mama’s of little’s I can share some breakfast ideas.

I loved making breakfast for the kids when they were in school. Here are a couple things I would make for Katie in high school if you are looking for some new ideas.


Peanut butter, Nutella and banana waffle sandwich (with a side of gummy vitamins)

Oatmeal with starwberries, pecans and mini-chocolate chips

Heart shaped toast with Nutella and sliced strawberries. ( I think this was for Valentine’s Day❤️)


If your kids started back to school this week I hope it’s gone smoothly. If you are among those still soaking up the last few days/weeks of summer then I hope you are relaxing and enjoying every single minute. 

Time for me to do a quick workout, shower and head for the airport. 

Wish us luck…hopefully we won’t have a repeat of the travel nightmares from last weekend.

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