Hating To See It End

I hope all my friends down in Texas are fairing okay with ol’ Harvey. According to Insta-stories and an email with one of my blogger friends (Hi Allie) schools been cancelled until next week. The amount of rain they are getting is crazy. I wish it would make it’s way over to California and share the love. 

Here in Nashville we had a gorgeous weekend. The weather is unseasonably pleasant with cooler temps and  low humidity. Perfect for our little mini family reunion.

My brother and his boys (his wife and daughter had to stay home so my niece could cheer Friday night) arrived Friday about lunch time. While I went to school in Nashville my brother didn’t, but he and his wife did live here for a while after they were married so he has a lot of favorites from Nashville just like me. One we share is SATCO and he wanted his boys to experience it so we went there for lunch. Then we split up boys and girls and they did  boy stuff and Katie and I took my mom to do a little shopping.

Friday night we all went to dinner. It is just so hard to believe these two are gown ups. Where did my babies go?

My parents were so very happy to have almost all of us in one place. If Kent, Lorrie and Lauren had been with us it would have been just that much better.

My brother and I are very close. Not only in age, we are 13 1/2 months apart but also in relationship. We never knew life without the each other and have always been great champions for each other. I want to see Benny and Katie have this same kind of relationship and I think that’s where they are headed.❤️

I am also so incredibly lucky to be blessed with such a precious friend. We are going to have a great week. Paul is out of town and Kent’s at home, so we are having a “girls week” and doing whatever tickles our fancy. We’ve started trying to binge watch Scandal but I have a hard time staying awake…LOL

Saturday night I cooked dinner for everyone at Paul & Elizabeth’s house and we played cards. It was fun and relaxing and we got to visit and I didn’t take any pictures but Katie had this one of her and Brandon. Cousin love!

Rush has started at school and Katie is going through that. I’ll be happy when it’s all over for her.

These two are so sweet and it thrills my heart that they are so in love. Young love is the best.

I picked the perfect time to be in Tennessee. Apparently it and California have traded weather for this time of year for the week. Kent keeps telling me how hot it is over there and we’re having the best weather here.

My brother went home to Atlanta yesterday morning and my parents are leaving today and going down to spend a few days with his family before they head back home. Thankfully we’re getting ready to hit the Christmas ramp up season and we will all be together again for a visit.

I’m thinking about all of my Texas peeps and praying for safety. Hurricanes are really scary. We lived through Hurricane Irene in Richmond in 2011. Going to bed with no power, pitch black outside and the wind and rain coming down like crazy was a scary feeling. We didn’t know what we’d wake up to. There were trees down, school was out for a week and my parents were without power for 9 days. It was not fun.

Happy Monday friends!


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