Friday Favorites #72


Well the first week of school is under Katie’s belt and she’s already feeling a little overwhelmed. The poor girlie. I’m so glad I’m not in college these days. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t cut it. 

I on the other hand am having a ball running around Tennessee and Kentucky and I’m happy to report there are no travel calamities to share. Sometimes being a grown up isn’t so bad. Hahaha!

So let’s get right to Friday Favorites.


Having fun with this crew in Kentucky. My BFF is a Jazzercise instructor so I got to “jazz” a couple of times while I was visiting her. I got lost during the routine at one point and was doing a little “freestyle” and entertaining Paige…we were on the back row😜


Hello cheap gas!!!! It’s the simple things in life that seem to really tickle me. Go figure.


Yesterday two of my very favorites…my mom and dad drove in from Richmond, VA to stay for the weekend and visit. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas and that’s the longest we’ve ever had to go. Katie had something for school she had to attend so she couldn’t join us, but we’ll see her today. My brother and his boys are coming from Atlanta today so we’ll have big time this weekend.


Yes, I found another tiara. We went to my friends ADORABLE store in Franklin, TN yesterday and these little hair clip tiara’s were calling my name. If you live around the Nashville area and have little ones or need a darling baby gift, you’ve got to go to The Little Cottage. They also have an online store and Instagram, so check them out!


I finally got to see Benny at dinner last night. I’ve been in town a week and haven’t been able to see him due to him being out of town last weekend and I left for KY before he got back. Erin also got to meet Gram and Grandad last night.❤️

There you have it friends. Short and sweet this week. The weather has been delightful and so has seeing all my friends and now my family. We will have a big time laughing and being together for the next couple days. To say I am blessed to be able to come here for an extended period of time and visit so many people I love is and understatement. Thank You Bubbie aka Kent for being so generous and allowing me to galavant in the south.😘


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