Denim & White and Workin’ It Wednesdays

Today’s post is a two-fer. A fashion post and Workin’ It Wednesdays link up.

 White and denim is one of the freshest, classic looks you can sport. I found the perfect transition blouse on a trip into Loft a few weeks ago and naturally I can’t find the exact one online now but I am linking to a really similar and equally cute one in white and the same blouse in a gorgeous, fun print.

I love everything about this top. The weight is perfect for summer days that aren’t stifling or going into fall and with so many cute details, well it’s just precious.

I paired it with lighter denim  perfect for a summer combo and my favorite leopard sandals. These jeans have the sweetest frayed hem. Not too ragged, but a little extra touch without being distressed.


 How do you like these pieces? What are your favorite summer colors to wear? 

Shop the post here…

Today I’m doing an abbreviated post for Workin’ It Wednesday too and linking up with Erika and Shay.

The August prompt for this is “Getting geared up for back to school”. 

Well when you are the mama of a college kid (and one that’s now graduated college) your back to school routine is different. 

Instead of buying crayons and notebooks and rulers and pencils, you’re buying sheets, and towels and storage and hangers and trash cans and refrigerators and on and on. 

Space saver bags can be your best friend if you’ve got a lot of stuff and a little space. 

This is what putting a child in college 2 times zones away looks like.

And when mama walks in and sees this (even though it’s not for the first time because it’s only two doors down from her first dorm room) she just wants to make it homey before she leaves her girl.

Two days and a lot of money later, you’ve got a home away from home and she’s ready to roll.

We got lucky and Katie had a place to store most of her stuff so she didn’t have try to transport it all back home.

This is how getting ready for school looks this year. We are shipping her car to Nashville at the end of the week and loaded in a few things. Would you believe there’s a bike in there? Benny wanted Kent’s old bike so it’s in pieces under all the stuff.

Katie got lucky and is going to be living in a brand new dorm this year. We can’t wait to see it and get her all moved in. She and her roommate will have their own bathroom. Eeeekkkk!!! You know I’ll be sharing that with you in a few short weeks. Much too short to be exact. 

Happy hump day friends! I hope your week is going wonderfully.



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I’m going to highlight one link in particular. Jersey Girl, Texan Heart. Monica has written a sobering post on Auschwitz with details and pictures from her visit there. She is passionate about it not only because it was an abomination but because it’s personal to her due to her ancestry. I’d encourage you take the time to read it and educate yourself on this horrific time in history.


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