Show and Tell Tuesday – What’s On Your Phone

Hey there y’all. I haven’t done a Show and Tell link up in quite a while so this week I decided to jump on the band wagon. I’m linking up with Andrea to talk about “What’s On Your Phone”. I don’t know about you, but I’m rarely more than 2 feet away from my phone. Part of me is embarrassed to say that, but it’s the truth. I think I’m part of the generation who has either totally embraced this technology or is riding the fence and uses it but not to the fullest.

The last 5 years since our kids started college is when I became so attached to my phone. I never want to be someplace that they can’t get a hold of me if they need me for something be it important or just to tell me something funny.

What do you use your phone for the most? I love that I always have a camera with me in the form of my phone and never have to worry about capturing special moments. 

 My phone is full of random pictures from recipe screen shots, Rodan + Fields pictures, things I want to remember, to tons of photos for this here blog.

My phone is also full of apps. 

I’ve got apps for everything. Shopping, directions, websites, photo editing, entertainment, weather, and more.

I love that I no longer need to worry about carrying an address book with me when I go to the post office because I keep addresses in my contacts.

Do you use personalized ring tones? I have one for Benny, Katie and Kent. That way when my phone rings, if it happens to be one of them I know.

In April I did a post on my 10 Favorite Phone Apps. You can read that here.

Now it’s your turn to tell me what’s on your phone? What am I missing that I really need to be taking advantage of?

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