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Sometimes it’s just so hard to figure out what to post about, but not today. I actually had a fashion post all cued up this morning and ready to go for the 4th of July and then remembered this fun prompt from the girls over at The Blended Blog. So come back tomorrow and see what you’ll likely find me wearing for our July 4th celebrating, but for today read on and find out what my answers are to these questions.

Inquiring minds want to know…

1. Favorite animal – Giraffe

2. Wine or Beer – Neither

3. Socks on/off while sleeping – OFF…hello hot flashes

4. One piece or two piece swimsuit – Two piece in the form of a tankini. I can’t stand trying to pull down a wet suit when nature calls.

5. Cooking at home or eating out – Both. I love to cook and we love to eat out…especially now that we are usually empty nesters.

6. Pepsi or Coke – Diet Pepsi from a fountain with pellet ice (how’s that for detailed)

7.  Regular or electric toothpaste – regular

8. Candy or chocolate – CHOCOLATE🍫. If there was ever a chocoholic on this planet, it’s this girl

9. Coffee or Tea – Hot coffee, iced tea

10. Music or talk radio – Music🎤. Country or Pop

11. Chic Flick, Action movie, or Documentary – Always a Chic Flick. (my poor husband) 

12. Regular or mechanical pencil – mechanical

13. Swimming or laying out – I love to lay out and preferably by a pool with a good “summer read”.

14. Dog or cat – Dog, but we are an animal free home. 

15. What do you drive? – A Chevy Traverse. I like a bigger vehicle that I sit up high in. 

16. Early Bird or Night Owl? I’m an early bird for sure. Even on the weekend you’ll find me up enjoying the quiet of the morning

17. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life….refer to #8

18. While sleeping you’ll find my phone on my beside table on vibrate. With 2 kids not living in the same city (most of the time) I want it right by me in case they need me.

19. Singing in the shower – You just might find me quietly belting (like that even makes sense) out a tune every once in while in the shower, but more likely I’m talking to myself like a crazy person.

20. Oreo cookies must always be taken apart and eaten as 3 individual treats starting with the creamy center. #everyoneknowsthat😉

So now you know what makes me tick. How about you? Feel free to answer an or all of these questions in the comments so I can find out more about you.

Happy Monday friends!




Now hop on over to The Blended Blog and see what some of my blog friends have to say about all of this. 


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