Weekend Wrap Up – Father’s Day Edition

Good Monday morning! I hope you had a great weekend. We did and we were super busy. Rather than boring you with all the details I’ll share an abbreviated version and hit the highlights. I started off my weekend by going to get my annual mammogram.

Happy to have that marked off my list. ✔️

Friday night we picked up another friend at the airport who’s coming to visit.  They are spending the first part of their visit at another friends and then coming to stay with us. These little girlies are just so stinkin’ cute. Little ones today know all about the selfie and are all too happy to make silly faces to send on Snapchat.

We celebrated Father’s Day all weekend.

Truer words never spoken.

I adore this picture of my dad when he was a little boy.

 He grew up to be the most wonderful man and is the best father a girl could ask for. God blessed me beyond measure when he gave me to my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad for all you do and who you are. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

We missed having Benny around for our Father’s Day celebration, but were lucky to have Katie at home. We managed to surprise Kent with a couple of gifts.  Our friends have and echo and he’s quite intrigued with it so we got him one.

Macy’s / Amazon

Last week it was on sale so I got lucky. I’d say if you watch it will be again or you can always use a coupon at Macy’s and save a little.

We’ve been having a real heat wave. Yesterday we were out running around and the car thermometer got up to 107 degrees. Thankfully it’s not humid, but I’m here to tell that even with no humidity, 107 is HOT and it’s going to continue being in the upper 90’s and hitting triple digits all week. Thank heavens for good A/C!

Have a great week friends.




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