Friday Favorites #60

Happy Friday friends! Can y’all believe we are officially in June? One thought keeps popping into my mind and I just keep trying to shove it right out…Can you guess what it is? Dare I say it out loud? It begins with a Christ and ends with a mas. You know what I’m talking about. We’re going to turn around 3 times and it’ll be upon us. And of course if we walk in Hobby Lobby next month they will literally have the decorations showing up on the shelves. STOP IT!

Back to the topic at hand. Friday Favorites.


I started a new workout and clean eating program this week that I will eventually share with y’all, but for now I’ll tell you it takes a bit of thought and preparation. It feels like most of what I’m doing is trying to figure out what I can make for meals that fall within the parameters of the plan. Katie jumped right in and is doing it along with me which is making it oh so much better. Having a partner makes it 110% easier.


HAHAHA! This is not what I’ve been doing, but it did crack me up when I saw it.



You (peri)menopause mama’s know exactly what I’m talking about…right? Please say yes and tell me I’m not alone. I have to thank my friend Jami for this. She had it on Facebook and I had to steal it. Have I shown you this before? Just kidding!


I shared this adorable top yesterday on my Casual Summer Essentials post, but it’s so cute I had to add it to my favorites. I found it on Nordstrom’s website one day this week and I have a big crush on it. It has me all heart eyed and sweaty palmed and I’m really thinking it might need to come live at my house. I would have already ordered it, but I don’t think I really have any place to wear it.



If you like to make protein drinks, shakes or smoothies you might want to give this a try.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and tried it for a snack yesterday afternoon. It was pretty good. I used this protein powder

We made one earlier in the week with almond butter and a banana, but this way was much better and I figure the coffee is a little pick me up too.

It was a slow week around our house and that’s all I’ve got to share today. Hope you enjoyed your 4 day week. I’d be okay with every week being a 4 day week. Wouldn’t you?

Have a great weekend!




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