A Whole Lot Of Random

Hey friends! Did y’all have a good weekend? I sure hope so. We did. It was busy and went by really quickly. The weather was gorgeous and we spent a little time outside. Today I’m sharing a whole lot of random in this brain dump.

I mentioned the other day that Katie and I are on a clean eating program, which of course pretty much means Kent is by default. He’s being a real trooper. We love to have pancakes for dinner from time to time and were talking over the weekend about how we are really missing them. Don’t these look delicious? Well don’t worry, we didn’t fall off the wagon…yet.😉 I can tell you that in 5 weeks when we finish we will be enjoying some for dinner.

But until then we’re sticking to the plan and our food is looking more like this.

For the most part we are doing grain and dairy free and I’m really missing my yogurt and cheese. Nothing makes you want some cheese like being told you aren’t supposed to have it. LOL

The other day I had to take my car to have it smog checked. 


When I was in the lobby of the little place doing it I spotted this caddy and had a flood of memories from my childhood.  My grandfather owned a Texaco distributorship in a small town so we always had trinkets and things with the Texaco logo on them. I remember a time or two getting to go for a ride in the big trucks and thought it was so cool. I sent a Snapchat to my brother and suspect he had the same memories come to mind.

Katie and I ran into the Dollar Tree Friday and found all sorts of fun stuff. If you are in need of July 4th goodies, get in there before all the good stuff is gone.

I bet I don’t even have to tell you about this. We got to Facetime with Benny and Erin last night and hear all about Benny’s first week of work. It was pretty cute to listen to him as he described how it felt to realize this is how every day will be. It’s going well, but it’s definitely an adjustment for him. He likes the job but there is a learning curve. Once he gets acclimated I think he’ll love it.

I’d like to introduce you to our friend Paul and the love of his life. Well not really, that would be my friend Elizabeth, but coffee is pretty high on the list. I’ve mentioned before how Elizabeth and I are always exchanging gifts and I take something to her every time we visit. We didn’t want Mr. Paul (as our kids have always called him) to feel left out so I finally had an idea. He’s a huge fan of Caribou coffee so we sent him this case of it and he sent us this message. We like to spread joy any way we can. #thatshowweroll

What’s on our agenda this week? First up for me is my workout.

Have a great day!





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