Weekend Wrap Up

Sadly our time at the beach came to an end. We are back in Nashville and Kent will fly home today and Katie and I will follow tomorrow. We had such a fun week and didn’t want to leave, but walked away with sun-kissed skin and full hearts of memories made. This was Erin’s first vacation with our family and as Benny says she didn’t break up with him, so I’m taking that as a good sign that she can hang with our brand of crazy.

She and Katie get along beautifully and enjoy doing things together. 

Kent and I walked a long way on the beach on Saturday and passed this scence that was apparently a clothing optional section. We were cracked up by the way this little girl had all of her barbies lined up pretty close to the water catching some rays. I sure hope the chick on the end was using her SPF.😂

For dinner our last night we ate beach side and couldn’t have asked for a better view or food.

There were so many precious little people running around and playing and I saw more bows in little girls hair than I’ve seen in years. Oh how I do love a sweet hair bow. There is just something about the way southern children are dressed that you don’t find in other parts of the country. So sweet.

We ended our evening with a sweet treat before heading back to the condo to pack so we could get a fairly early start on our road trip.

We made a stop on our way out of town at the Orange Beach store to get t-shirts and they had this display in the middle of the store. Do any of you remember the Charles Chip man? When I was a kid he would come to our house in his “chip van” and deliver potato chips and I think other snack foods. I kinda think you turned your can back in and they refilled it. I’ve got to ask my mom if she still has their can. 

We hadn’t indulged in our normal Mexican food yet, so we had that for dinner when we got back to Nashville. I will cherish having both of my babies with me on Mother’s Day and cross my fingers we’ll be able to spend many more together. I know it will be harder now that Benny is joining the work force.

This guy and I are beyond blessed with the life we get to lead. Getting to spend quality time with our kids and still loving each other after almost 25 years of marriage. It doesn’t escape us that we are lucky and ever so grateful.

Thanks for joining me on our beach vacation. I’m now trying to figure out how to get back down there as soon as I can.

Happy Monday friends!





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