Easy DIY Succulent Box

It’s not secret that I have an infatuation with succulents these days. It’s also no secret that I have a black thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive. That’s just not my gift.

I love all the succulent arrangements both real and fake.

This was a beautiful “forever” arrangement I saw on one of my last trips to Nashville in a cute boutique. I would have never thought to add hydrangea blooms to one, but I really love what they add.

This is a gorgeous real arrangement for sale at the new Anthropologie. It’s a mere $1698.00. Needless to say, way out of my price range.

If you go to your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels you can find some really realistic looking “forever” succulents. I decided I’d just make my own arrangement so I went to both of these stores and bought a variety of sizes and colors to make my arrangement.


 Here are the supplies I gathered and some easy to follow pictures.

I used the rocks to cover any areas where the foam was exposed and could be seen between the plants. You don’t need to glue them, just put them in there and they’ll stay as long as you’ve left a little lip between the foam and container.

And here it is all finished. It looks adorable sitting on our coffee table and I never have to remember to water it. That’s what I’d call a WIN!

Small arrangements like this would also look really cute in bathrooms.

Are you a fan of succulents? Give this project a try. It’s really quick and easy.

 It’s really chilly here and we’re wondering what happened to the warm spring temperatures.

Hope you’re having a great week.





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