Weekend Wrap Up – Nashville Edition

We’ve had a wonderful time this weekend visiting with the kiddos and lots of friends. I have quite a few pictures and they won’t require much explanation.

The kids were in class Friday and working on school work so I took the opportunity to walk.

I walked over to the Parthenon and around the water. Spring is in full bloom and it was a beautiful way to start the day.

Kent and I had some time to kill before going to school to see the kids so we went to one of our favorite places…SATCO (San Antonio Taco Co.)

This is a place we went when I was in college in Nashville, and now my kids love to go there too. It’s a fun atmosphere and we love the food.

And since you know you can’t find queso ANYWHERE near where we live, we take every opportunity to enjoy it when we are in Nashville.

After lunch we headed over to school to meet up with the kids and I got to see my friend Laura. She’s one of my “tribe“. 

Katie and I were unintentionally “twinning”

Little Miss Cutie after the second of four shows.

Friday night our friends from Kentucky came over and we went to dinner then back to our friends house we stay with for dessert and dominos (and quite a few laughs)

When Jeff just won’t be quiet…

Dawn is another member of my “tribe”.

This girl right here is just fitting right into our family. She’s such a sweetie and makes Benny so happy, which makes me so happy.

Saturday afternoon we went to see Singarama.

Benny and Erin came with us. 

Could someone please tell me how we’ve gotten here so quickly to have these grown kids? I told someone at church yesterday that you just can’t imagine it when you’re living in the moment. It goes by so quickly.

Sunday afternoon Kent and I went for a walk and on our friends street is one of these darling “Little Free Libraries” where you can take a book and/or leave a book. Such a sweet idea. I’ve seen this concept of a few TV shows.

We walked up to “Love Circle” where there is a gorgeous view of the city.

At the top of the hill there is this huge building that is actually a house. Are you familiar with the country duo of Big and Rich? Well this is John Rich’s house.

 I guess he’s named it Mt. Richmore

I can also tell you that Benny is OFFICIALLY EMPLOYED and we are over the moon excited, beyond proud and thankful that he’s already found a  job for after graduation. He’s worked so hard for the past four years and deserves to be rewarded.


Kent’s heading home today and I’m staying on for a bit.

Happy Monday and have a great week!




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