Weekend Wrap Up – Empty Nesters

Happy Monday and happy 3rd day of April. So happy you are here, both of you!

Did you have a good weekend? We had a great weekend, starting Saturday morning. I mean there was nothing wrong with Friday, but Saturday we had a full day.

Kent needed a few yard supplies so we ran down to Lowe’s and saw this on our way…

A field full of goats. Like 100’s of goats. We’d seen them earlier in the week in another field on the same road. How on Earth you get that many goats in a field on a major road is beyond me. To make it even more strange in a field on the other side of the same road next to the Lowe’s parking lot was this…

ANOTHER field of goats. Kent noticed the first field were all males and this field were all females.

People were pulling in the parking lot and getting out of their cars to look at them.

They didn’t make a peep and were incredibly tame.

We popped in Lowe’s to grab the things we needed.

I Love all the beautiful colors that come with fresh spring flowers.

And I have developed such a love for succulents.

They are so perfect they look artificial and come in such a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. I’m thinking I should give them a try and see if I can keep them alive. I think they are very low maintenance so maybe they’d be able to survive the “plant curse” that seems to accompany house plants at our house.

If by some strange luck of the draw my kids are reading this today, which I highly doubt, I apologize for this next sentence. Kent said more than once on Saturday that the whole empty nest thing really wasn’t so bad. LOL

We just come and go as we please. Eat whenever we want and do whatever we want. Saturday we finished up the things we were working on and I’d already bought tickets to go see Beauty and the Beast so we went to an early dinner, ran a couple of errand and then off the to movies. I’d bought the tickets for one of those theaters with reclining chairs for seating and let me just be the first to say that we are totally spoiled. Once you watch a movie this way, you never want to go back slumming in a regular old theater.

If you haven’t seen this movie…GO…Don’t wait any longer. It’s that good, especially if you are musical kind of person and/or watched the Disney version with your kids when they were little. You’ll have all the sweet, warm, fuzzy feelings. The singing is fantastic and that was the worst part because I wanted to sing along but I really didn’t want to have people throwing popcorn at me and yelling “boooo, get out of here”. Emma Watson does such a great job so if you’re a fan of hers you won’t be disappointed. So to sum it up, GO. Don’t wait any longer.

Sunday afternoon I made another batch of bran muffins. I’ve been working on this recipe that a friend/next door neighbor in Richmond gave me eons ago. (Thanks Brandi) I’m doing some substituting to add protein and reduce the calories. I’m getting close and as soon as I get it where I want it, I can’t wait to share it with you.

I did some online shoe shopping at Target Sunday afternoon. This week they are having BOGO (Buy one, get one 1/2 off) on shoes, so you might want to check it out. They are hitting out of the park this spring with their shoe selection.

I tried to order these darling hot pink heels but they were sold out of my size. They also come in a tan that are really cute.

Hot pink block heels

And update on the new pair I bought last week.

I wore these Sunday. They were really comfortable and I was really tall. Several people commented at church on how tall I was. FYI…I prefer being short. It’s weird to be tall after spending your entire life being short. 

So today the countdown begins. We leave Thursday to go see the kids. Can you say EXCITED?!?!?!

Happy Monday friends!



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