Friday Favorites #55

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I had a great week and I’m looking forward to a sunny, warm weekend and getting ready to go out of town again next week for Benny’s graduation.

Let’s see what made the favorites this week.


This handsome guy right here turned 22 yesterday and is graduating from college next Saturday. Let me just tell you that I am one proud mama. I know he’s my son, but he’s truly an exceptional young man. He’s hard working, very disciplined, loving and above all such a great example of a Christian that it blows my mind. This time 22 years ago I was totally sleep deprived (already) and absolutely head over heels in love with his precious face.

We actually celebrated while I was there 2 weeks ago, but last night Erin took him out to one of his favorite restaurants and then she had cheesecake for him at his apartment.

He sent me this Snapchat and it sure made my heart happy.


Yesterday I did a post on beach essentials. I rounded up all the things you need to get ready for your vacations this summer.


Midweek coffee date with a friend.


No explanation needed…just plain funny!


I’ve been using essential oils for a while and I finally got a diffuser in hopes of helping us sleep better. Wednesday night we used it for the first time and Kent said he actually thought it might have helped him some. I wasn’t sure because I kept waking up wondering if it was working…LOL 

What’s wrong with that picture?  I watched an oil webinar that recommended a combination of cedar wood oil mixed with lavender for better sleep. 

I’ve also been putting lavender oil on my wool dryer balls and it makes your linens and clothes smell wonderful.


Rodan + Fields has launched yet another new product. Cue all the applause.

Mine arrived and I couldn’t be more excited to share the information with you. So what is this new product?

Active Hydration Serum

Our doctors and the research and innovation they are pioneering is mind boggling. 

This magical serum is the answer to dry, aging skin and it contains a patented molecule developed by our scientists. See, I told you…mind boggling.

So what is it this magic serum will do for you?

200% more hydration after the first use.

30% Glycerin bound to Hyaluronic Acid


Self adjusting to YOUR own skin type.

That’s right, it can be used by all skin types.

You might be wondering what the difference is between hydration vs. moisturizing?

Hydration ADDS water to your skin while moisturizing creates a barrier to keep the existing moisture in place.

Here’s a great illustration using a water balloon.

A full water balloon is smooth and has no wrinkles, but a partially full (or dehydrated) balloon is wrinkled. Makes perfect sense.

This hydrating serum is made to be used with all four of our regimens to achieve optimal results.


And it’s already receiving awards in the beauty industry. 

I have 5, three day samples available to anyone who becomes a Preferred Customer and orders a full regimen between now and the end of the month. You can get it before our current PC’s can. Just email me and we’ll get you signed up and I’ll have it in the mail on it’s way to you.

I think spring is really showing up here this weekend and I’m so excited.

Have a beautiful weekend!




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