Friday Favorites #52

Good morning friends and happy Friday!

I’m sharing this Snapchat from one morning this week just because I like it. This is how I start everyday. With my coffee in hand, in the corner of the sofa and my computer is usually on my lap.

Today’s edition of Friday favorites is going to be short and sweet. We got into Nashville last night about 9:30 and so by the time we got our rental car, drove to our friends and visited with them for a bit it was almost 1:00 AM before I started this. Of course my body thought it was just 11:00, so it really wasn’t as bad as you’d think.


Yesterday when I got up and went downstairs there was a cute little box in the corner of the sofa where I like to sit. Naturally I knew where it came from, but Kent wasn’t up yet so I waited for him before I opened it.

Say it with me….


Last weekend we were at the mall and strolled through Pottery Barn where I spotted these adorable little bunny candle holders. Don’t you think it’s so cute? Well what do you know? The Easter Bunny came to our house early and brought me one. I love it and I love that he took note of it and went back to get me a sweet surprise.

Thanks Bubbie.❤️


Snapchats from this crazy girl and her friends. I can’t wait to see them later today and then tomorrow in Singarama. That’s why we came to Nashville. Singarama is a HUGE variety show/musical put on every year by the students. I was in it when I was in college and now Katie is too. So much fun!


I’ve been wanting a fancy “bundt” pan for a while and finally broke down and bought one a couple of weeks ago at Williams Sonoma. I love the design and it will make a beautiful cake.

Confession time…

I made one last week. It was in the oven, the timer was on, and my doorbell rang. It was my next door neighbor and her 3 adorable little girls. I went outside with them for a bit and when I came back in the timer was going off and I don’t know for how long. This is what middle aged mama brain looks like. I took the cake out, let it cool slightly and tried to remove it with no luck. I let it cool all the way and still no luck. Insert all the sad face emoji’s here. It had over baked and completely stuck to the pan. NOT A FAVORITE!


My beautiful bundt was now nothing “bundt” crumbs in the trash.


Hopefully the next time I try it, I won’t get distracted.


A friend of mine had this posted on Facebook this week and I couldn’t agree more. It is so easy to judge ourselves based on what we see on social media (or even in all the blogs we read). Let’s cut ourselves some slack and remember what people are usually posting are just the good things,  not all the things that cause self doubt, and cause us to criticize and beat ourselves up. Everyone has their own set of issues and their own brand of crazy. We just need to remember to own it and not worry about what everyone else thinks.

Did you ruin a cake? Go out with mismatched shoes? Was your dress stuck in your butt crack? (sorry Mom…I can just hear her saying “oh Lisa”)  Did you come out of the bathroom and have a foot a toilet paper trailing behind you? Trust me, we’ve all had those moments. 

Own your crazy and know you are good enough just the way you are!

Have a great weekend peeps!



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