Adding Touches Of Spring To Your Home

Thankfully spring has sprung and with it a breath of fresh air.

I don’t know about you, but when spring arrives, the days begin to get longer and the weather is prettier, I just want to open the doors and windows and usher out the winter.  I’m ready to freshen things up and add touches of spring to my home. Do you change things in your home seasonally? You don’t necessarily have to make major changes to bring in spring but some simple touches in the main rooms of your home are nice.

I was recently looking for some new ideas and inspiration when I came across the Arhaus website. The Arhaus Instagram also has a ton of inspiration and unique items that caught my eye and made me take a look around our living area for ways to brighten it up.

We bought a new sectional in the fall and went with a lighter, neutral color for the fabric. I wanted to  to have the versatility of being able to change out accessories seasonally and altar the mood of the room without having to totally redo it.

Starting with a neutral backdrop means there are lots of ways to add seasonal touches to a room.
One of the best ways is changing out your pillows.

Remove the warmer, winter colors and add lighter springy hues.

Put away the heavy winter blankets and add a soft, pretty throw in a lighter fabric and colors.Scattering small items throughout your space on tabletops and shelves, such as birds nests are an  easy way to bring the outdoors inside.

 Spring branches in large vases are a great way to brighten up a table or corner.

If you’ve paid much attention when your looking in catalogs or home decor stores, you may have noticed a lot of succulent arrangements. I currently have a love affair with succulents (of the artificial variety) since I can’t kill those. Greenery and topiaries are also readily available in home dec stores and can be added throughout your living area as an easy way to freshen it up.

I love a room with a lot of light and natural light is my first choice. But if your rooms don’t have a lot of windows, adding light fixtures is the perfect way to achieve a brighter space. Changing out dated  lighting is a quick and easy way to give your room a face lift.

 This is a gorgeous pendant light from Arhaus that caught my eye when I was browsing their website. They have a great selection of pendant light fixtures to choose from. 

Maybe you’d like to try changing out your area rugs. I currently have a dark oriental under my kitchen table but think a rug made of natural fibers and a lighter color might brighten up the eating area.

If you have upholstered chairs with slipcovers, changing them to a lighter fabric is another great way to give a room a facelift without breaking the bank.

Where do you choose to make changes in your home for seasonal freshening? Maybe you haven’t  even been thinking about it, but this has sparked an idea. Spring is such a gorgeous time of year and just so happens to be one of my favorite seasons.

 I’d love it if you shared ways you brighten and lighten your home.





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