Are you familiar with UNIQLO? I’m trying to remember the first time I saw one of their stores and for the life of me I can’t remember where I was. I’m thinking maybe Washington D.C. We have them here in California and as of fairly recently there’s one in the mall where I shop. 

They are a great store for basics. That’s actually what they are known for. You don’t find a huge variety of styles but you find good quality, everyday items at a reasonable price. Any hey! Who doesn’t like that?

I stopped in last week when I was doing some returns at the mall. Big shock, me returning. Kent’s pretty sure my picture is up in some of the stores as the Queen of Returns. Sorry I veered off there for a minute. Back to Uniqlo. Anyway, I stopped in and found a couple of things I deemed worthy of going to the trouble to try on. Because you know…lazy about changing clothes.

I spotted these long cardigans and since they seem to be on every one’s list for spring I had to give them a try. 

This cardigan comes in 4 colors. Yellow, gray, black and white.

It’s a great weight. Not too light, not too heavy and hangs beautifully. The price is attractive as well as the sweater at less than $40. It’s long on me, but but will be a perfect length on you girls that aren’t vertically challenged. I only wish it came in blush because I’d have run right up to the register to buy it.

The gray has almost a taupey cast depending on the lighting. I really did like all three of the sweaters I tried on. The top underneath is a cute cami that could be dressed up or down and comes in a variety of colors as well. It’s not cotton, but it’s also not a real silky feel either. It’s actually a great fabric. It has small side slits at the bottom sides and I always like that to allow for things to hang well.  

I really like the black on black look too. Especially for evening. You could add a strappy sandal for a night out or pair it with dress pants and still be suitable for the office.

Cardigan / Cami / Jeans / Flats

I spotted this adorable shirt on the website as I was looking around. It’s available in 4 colors and under $20. So cute for summer.

While it’s not really the season to think about jackets…since we’re just leaving those behind I will tell you that this is a great store for light weight down vests and jackets. This is the item that has stuck out to me anytime I’m in one of the UNIQLO stores. They carry these year round and the fabric is the softest you will ever feel. These are the kind that you can also stuff into a little bag (that comes with them) for easy travel and carrying. They remind me of North Face jackets but at a fraction of the cost.

Vests are under $50 and jackets for less than $70 and both come in 11 colors. Just tuck this away for next winter friends.

 Down jacket

Down vest

I’ll leave you with one last find on the website.

Long shirt / other colors

This oversized shirt would be perfect paired with leggings. It’s long and will cover everything that needs to be covered for wearing leggings in public. Ahem, in my opinion. You could tie a jean jacket or other lightweight jacket or sweater at the waist and it would be darling. Perfect for travel.

So there’s a little something new for you to ponder friends. Have you heard of UNIQLO? Maybe you’ve been in one of their stores. What do you think? This is not a sponsored post, I just thought I’d let you know about this gem for basics. (I do have affiliate links listed)

Hope you have a great day!


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