I almost let this slip right by me. Oh my goodness….

Are you familiar with PANDORA? No, not the music service, but the jewelry. I became acquainted with them quite a few years ago when we started giving them to my mom for special occasions. 

They offer everything from necklaces, to rings, to bracelets, which I’d say is their most popular item. They are beautiful and you design yours to fit your personality or the personality of the recipient. 

Mom’s are so hard to shop for and I know this because I have one and I am one. You know how we work, if we want something we usually just go get it. And then there are moms like me and mine who are also going to find it for the best possible price and we don’t want our families overpaying. My poor family. This is such a challenge for them.


Is Mother’s Day on your radar yet? If not, it should be. Go get your calendar right now and put a big star or heart or some marking on it! Sunday, May 14th!!!! Something from PANDORA could be the absolute perfect solution for you and your family not only for this Mother’s Day but for many holidays to come. (you can thank me later) You can start her a bracelet now and continue to build on it until it’s “full”. Then you can start another one because they look gorgeous stacked and we mom’s love us some arm candy. 

Through tomorrow PANDORA is having a special. Spend $125 and get a FREE bracelet. I promise it’s not hard to spend $125. Buy a couple beads or charms and then you’ll get the bracelet ($65 value) for FREE. Yes, do you hear me? FREE!!! That is by the way one of my favorite words, right after chocolate.

This is what my PANDORA bracelet looks like.

The sweet little butterfly charm is half of a set and my mom gave it to me. She has the other half and I just love that. You can do that for mother/daughter and friends and it’s always a special reminder of that relationship when you look down and see it.

These are a couple of other pieces I have. The bracelets I’ve gotten through offers just like the one going on now. The solid bangle can have beads on it, but it is also a great layering piece. The black rope bracelet can have beads as well and has a much more casual feel. I love that the bracelets also come in various sizes. I get a small one since my wrists are as Katie puts it “freakishly small”. 

Why-O-Why the good Lord decided I needed small wrists and sturdy thighs is beyond me.

The ring pictured I wear almost every single day. It is by far one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I first saw it on a friend and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I bought it for myself. I’ve had it for quite a few years and it’s no longer available, but they have so many other rings.

This ring is gorgeous and would provide the same kind of presence as the one I have.

I love the 2 tones on this ring. I like to mix silver and gold most days, and having a piece that combines both makes me feel like they go better together.

So let’s review. Mother’s Day is May 14th!!! PANDORA could be the just the answer you’ve been looking for even though you may not have known it.

Happy Saturday peeps! Get out and enjoy the day! See you back here on Monday.





  1. March 26, 2017 / 2:00 am

    I LOVE my Pandora bracelet!! I have two: a bangle and the "regular" bracelet. I have the butterfly charm, too, with my BFF. It's pretty special! I don't see the red hot love bead on yours! HAHAHA!!

    • March 26, 2017 / 5:02 am

      You are too funny, lady!!! Hope you're having a good weekend.

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