Friday Favorites #51

Have you seen this little guys video? He crack us up and we frequently find ourselves imitating him. If by some chance you haven’t seen the video, hit YouTube and watch it. It’s good for a laugh. Of course in the video he makes no mention of Friday…LOL

As I was writing this last night I told Kent it seemed like Friday. All week I’ve felt like I was running behind the bus waiving my arms trying to get it to stop and pick me up. How’s that for a visual image for you?

Once again I’m linking up with blogger friends and sharing our favorites from the week, so let’s get to it.


plaid tie neck top

I’ve noticed this plaid top the last couple of times I’ve been on the Loft website. I think it’s so cute and it looks so similar to one I bought at Anthropologie last year and love wearing. It’s currently on sale for 60% off, so you might want to grab one for yourself. The colors lend themselves to limitless possibilities as far as bottoms go and the light, breezy fabric screams fresh and summer perfect.

Here I am wearing it on the day we moved Katie into the dorm and on a side note, I can’t believe in 5 weeks she’ll be finished with her first year. Holy-moly that went fast.


I love all the Easter and spring decor in the stores. I don’t know what it is about every season change that makes me excited to see the new stuff coming out. All the pastels are so sweet and pretty and I just want to scatter them all over the house.


I picked these yummy little snacks up at Costco the other day. I love all things cheese with the exception of goat cheese. I’ve got nothing for it. Yuck. Even I think it’s weird that I don’t like it because I like cheeses that are flavorful and pungent. Feta and Gorgonzola rank at the top of the list, so it’s weird that Goat cheese just does nothing for me. Anyway, back to these yummy little, cheesy bites. They are made from Parmesan. So salty and nutty. The perfect little bite when you want something crunchy and salty.


My brother and I are trying to encourage each other to drink more water. He’s drinking a GALLON a day. I can’t do that much, but I’m doing about a half-a-gallon and if you know my water habits, you know that’s 100% more than I usually drink. We send each other snaps with our progress. I love having a water partner and that it’s my brother.



Everywhere you look platform wedges are showing up in a big way and of course I wanted to get in on that. I picked up this pair yesterday at Macy’s. They are a great alternative to some of the more expensive options here, here and here that I love, but are also once again too wide for me. This pair I tried on quickly and I think they’ll work. If you are looking for more of an espadrille feeling wedge check these out. 

Macy’s is having an awesome shoes sale right now. The more you buy the more you save. Does your husband believe that? Mine doesn’t😩

Buy 1 pair and get 25% off

Buy 2 pairs and get 30% off

Buy 3 or more pairs and get 40% off

Use the code GREAT


In case you happened to miss yesterday’s post click here to get the recipe for an absolutely delicious recipe for Carmelitas. You won’t be sorry.


To find out all the details on this new deal hot of the presses from Rodan and Fields click HERE then visit my website to get one for yourself, your mom, your bestie, your sister or any woman you want a special gift for.

So there you have 7 favorites from me for the week. Seven happens to be my favorite number so that’s a good place to stop. If you like reading and don’t want to miss a post look at the top on the right sidebar and be sure to subscribe. An email containing new posts will be sent right to your inbox. Easy-peasy.

Have a great weekend!



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