Back To School

Well today I take Katie to the airport to head back to school. We had a great spring break. Over the past 7 days we walked over 93,000 steps which equates to about 45 miles.

That’s a lot of miles!!!!

We capped off our week with a day in the city on Saturday. One of the fun things about where we live is being able to hop on the BART and just go into San Francisco and spend the day being tourists. We are starting to learn our way around, but we always stumble onto something new every time we are there.

First stop was for a slice of pizza in North Beach.

Kent and Katie had been to see Lombard street but I hadn’t so that was our next stop.

 It may not look that steep in the picture but trust me, it’s quite the climb.

After we finished walking to the top of Lombard we knew we had earned a treat from Ghirardelli so we headed that way.

I love seeing all the beautiful architecture and gorgeous homes.

A great view of the Golden Gate.

This is the city’s first reservoir built in the mid 1800’s. Currently it is the home to a tribe (yes, that’s what a group of goats is called) of goats, but is going to be turned into a park.

 Katie thought I was nuts taking this picture, but I thought it would make a great backdrop for something sometime and I also love brick sidewalks, walkways and driveways.

The best part of any visit to the city is this right here.

The best dark chocolate hot fudge you will ever eat.

After we had our ice cream we went over to Pier 39 and then looped back to Union Square for some shopping.

For all you This Is Us fans, when we walked past this sign at a Fire Station it caught Kent’s eye. We’d never seen this before and remembered how William left Randall as an infant on the doorstep of one. 

We went in the Williams Sonoma store. It’s 4 levels. What an incredible store.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the cable cars all lined up.

If you follow me on Instagram and saw my story then you saw videos of the various kinds of entertainment we experienced. A violin player, someone playing the clarinet, and break dancers were just a few of the people displaying their talents on the streets.

Saturday alone we did 20,000 steps. We were WORN out by the time we got home but had so much fun and cherish days like these that we get to spend with Katie. Hopefully she’ll remember fun days like these, I know we will.

Hope you had as much fun as we did over the weekend.

Happy Monday!




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