A Random Tuesday

So this Tuesday brings a sack full of random to you. 

First I have to tell you that when Katie and I were getting ready to go to airport yesterday it was trying its hardest to rain and we heard something I’ve only heard one other time in the almost 4 years we’ve lived here. THUNDER! And not just a little thunder like the other time I heard it, but a loud THUNDER!!! It was exciting! May sound strange, but when you don’t ever get to hear it and BOOM out of nowhere you do, it is exciting.

I sent Katie back to school with two containers of Oreo truffles. She and Benny love these and a little birdie told me Benny was hopeful I would send some for Valentine’s Day. I was leery of sending them through the mail since they have cream cheese in them, but I knew they could be out of the fridge for a day and be fine. Hopefully he’ll be happily surprised when she gives him his share.

P.S. I showed extreme restraint and only ate ONE. That deserves some kind of a medal or something.

As I’m know to do I was looking at the SALE category on the Nordstrom website and came across a couple of cute new additions I felt it my responsibility to share with you.

Chiffon Blouse

This blouse is so darling and has the ever popular boho vibe. I love an empire waistline. It covers a multitude of sins and gives you plenty of room to breath. I think you could even pair this blouse with rolled hem jean shorts if they weren’t too short.

Drape Front Blouse

I love this black and white blouse. It’s this years version of one I purchased last summer by the same maker. (wearing in the picture below) Perfect for being dressed up for work or paired with jeans or shorts for a cool, casual summer look and it’s super comfy and lightweight for hot days rounding it out to be a perfect go to blouse.

I haven’t bought any of the kimonos that have popped up everywhere, but this one is super cute and I love the colors in it. Perfect to pair with a tank or cami and jeans or jean shorts for hot summer days and warm summer nights.


What girl doesn’t like to try new beauty products? A cute little Try It Kit from Smashbox might be just the thing you need to fill a little void in an Easter basket. 

Smashbox Try It Kit

Tory Burch roller ball perfume

I love to keep a small perfume in my purse for freshening up or even more likely because I forgot to put mine on before leaving the house. BTW…this is also the reason I keep deodorant in my car, just FYI. I’m forever leaving and realizing or wondering if I skipped that ever important step in my get ready routine. Am I the only one? Anyway, one of these babies would also be a great Easter basket stuffer.

I’m linking up with Erika and Ashley for Tuesday Talk today.

Hope your week has started off with a bang. Obviously mine did.



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