I Have A Blush Crush

I find a weekend wrap up is much harder to do when you don’t have kids at home. We aren’t running around from place to place squeezing in games, parks and parties. We had a great weekend though. The sun was out both days and that made us want to be out of the house so we did our typical running here and there and enjoyed being in the sun with the bright blue sky. I am finding myself with a pretty major case of spring fever and really want the temperatures to get up into at least the mid 70’s.

From everything I’ve been seeing it looks like THE color for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons is BLUSH.

I went shopping last week and found several cute tops and a sweater in blush that came home with me. I’ll try to share them with you later this week. In the meantime I’ve made it really easy on you and found a lot of fun blush colored items you just might want to look at and maybe even grab for yourself. Click on the corresponding numbers (affiliate links) below the pictures to be taken right to each item.

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The blush colored booties are by Lucky and very similar to my favorite pair that I wear almost daily. I think they are absolutely adorable and will be great for carrying your jeans from winter to spring. 

A blush tee pairs perfectly with your favorite jeans…blue or white. Is the perfect item to be topped by an olive military jacket, jean jacket or gray sweater.

A blush colored purse or cross body bag will freshen up all your spring outfits and blush colored jewelry will be the perfect way to work a little pink into your outfits 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 

Trying my hand at this fashion blogging thing has several personal challenges for me. 

*I’m still working on my selfie game and really would like to find a friend who wants to help me with photographing outfits. 

*I have a hard time with change anyway, but especially switching seasons before it’s really time.

*Buying spring clothes when what I really want to buy is all the bargains on the clearance racks. It has always driven me nuts how retailers rush you from one season to the next. I mean it’s Valentine’s Day, you just ate an entire box of chocolate, and now you’re supposed to try on bathing suits??? That math just doesn’t add up.


What’s on your spring wish list? Have you started adding any trendy accessories or new pieces of clothing to your closet to get ready for spring? 

Hope you week gets off to a great start!




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