Friday Favorites #46

I can’t believe this is already the last Friday in February and next week will be March!!!


Time is truly flying by and this week did too.

As usual I’m linking up with some other bloggers to share all our Friday Favorites. Be sure to use the links at the bottom and hop over to see what made their lists.


I posted these 2 pictures on social media this week. This trick with your tubes of product will easily add about a weeks worth of use to the life of it. Just cut it, use a Q-tip to get it out and then slip the top over the bottom.

If you use the REVERSE regimen from Rodan + Fields, after you finish using the toner on your face take the same cotton applicator and rub it on the back of your hands. If you have brown spots appearing on them, it will help lighten those and why waste any of your toner?


I may be the only person to get excited about this, but I cleaned my oven this week and it looks so pretty. I almost hate to use it. It’s the little things in life that bring me joy my friends. Don’t get me wrong. If Kent shows up with a big ol’ piece of jewelry I’m going to be giddy, but a clean oven makes me pretty happy too.


I made these adorable sheep cookies for the ladies in my core group at bible study. The conference I went to last weekend was for leaders and focused on shepherding and I wanted to remind them that I am here for them and want to be effective and caring in trying to lead them.



 Military jacket

This utility jacket is an all around favorite, versatile piece. I think almost every blogger I read has one just like it or very similar. I broke down and bought it in January (and if I’d only waited) it’s now 40% off.  I’ve never seen it on sale before. Moral of the story is if you’ve been looking for one of these you’d better strike while the iron is hot. It runs a little big, so size down. This jacket is the perfect weight for seasonal changes, sitting in the movies or a restaurant, has an adjustable string to adjust the waist, and it’s long enough to cover your backside, which I personally love. 


This right here is just plain funny! (And true) I saw it on Facebook yesterday and busted up laughing. Possibly because I may or may not have had these jeans and totally had flash backs to college wearing these along with my white Reebok high tops.

So if you are now having flashbacks of huge permed hair, big bangs, tons of hair spray and wearing your acid washed jeans with your Reebok high tops then you really should probably consider contacting me and ordering an eye cream.😉

Don’t let your eyes tell your age.


I mentioned earlier this week that I was in mourning after finishing all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill.

This was a quote I heard while watching recently and I also remember it sticking with me the first time I watched it a couple of years ago with Katie. What a true and beautiful thought.


Katie had this on her Snapchat story last week and made me feel so happy. I love to send them things at school that I think they might enjoy. I sent her a bunch of random stuff (as you can plainly see) but the main thing was a new bracelet.

Mantraband / All Mantraband options

I love all the different sayings, thoughts and inspiration that you get on these bracelets and that you can wear them in multiples, stacked. 

WOW! I had a lot more on my favorites than I thought I was going to when I started. I guess you could say it was a good week.

Hope yours was as well and you are ready for the weekend!



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