Friday Favorites #43

Don’t be fooled by the smile on this cute little creatures face. He apparently saw his shadow and is saying 6 more weeks of winter. Thanks a lot Phil. I guess on the upside from what I can tell this winter has been milder for most of the country so YIPPEE!

So by now you’ve figured out that on Friday I look back at the week and share some of the things that were my favorites and link up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea  along with several other blogs listed at the end of the post.


You know I love a good deal and on Wednesday I found out Rodan and Fields was offering a super, duper deal from now until March 9th (or while supplies last).

Purchase any of our 4 regimens along with Lash Boost and receive 20% off both. As if that isn’t enough, if you are a PC or become a PC you will also receive your 10% off as well.


I can’t believe how long my lashes have gotten. Pictures are showing up left and right of the amazing results women are having. Katie’s been using it since Christmas and we are starting to see a beautiful difference in her lashes. She said she considered skipping her mascara today but is going to wait a little longer.

There’s never been a better time to try one of these skin care routines and get on the road to younger looking, brighter, clearer skin.

Visit my website or comment below with any questions you might have.


We continue our quest to find all the new Halo Top flavors. (yes, we might have a problem) Last night we went to dinner and then ran by Safeway to check for new flavors. I found Black Cherry and Peanut Butter Cup. We came home and broke out the spoons and tried the Black Cherry. It was good but would be even better with some big ol’ chunks of chocolate in it.



Well my  sweet Valentine decided to surprise me early and brought home flowers last night.
Thank you! We’ve been Valentine’s for 26 years. That means I had more Valentine’s Days with him than without him.  I hope we’ll have at least 26 more.💕


Last year I did a tutorial for this sweet Valentine’s Day bunting. The blog was only a few weeks old at that point and I dare say most of you didn’t see it. Click here to read that post. I’ve made several of these for different holidays. Super easy and super cute!


Do you have big party plans for the Super Bowl? Need an idea (or two, or three) of some yummy bites to make for a party. Yesterday I did a post with quite a few options and ideas just perfect for an afternoon of football.

Click HERE to read the post.


I’ve been searching for a new black purse. One with plenty of little pockets inside and these two met the qualifications. I like to be able to carry it draped on my arm or shoulder. I really like both of these and I’m torn. HELP!!! Which one do you think I should keep??? The one on the left has a strap I could carry it cross body if I wanted and I really like that for traveling and even just random evening out the weight. And the tassel…I love the tassel. The one on the right has a little more structure for keeping things organized and might be a tad bit lighter and I like both of those qualities too.

(A)                                                                             (B)

So what do you say? Purse A or B???  Please leave a comment and help me out😀


Well that about does it for this week. Hope you’ve had a great week and have an even better weekend.



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