What’s Up Wednesday ~ January Edition

Happy hump day! We’ve made it half way to Friday and I have to say it’s going pretty quickly this week.

It’s time to do a monthly check in and see “What’s Up”.

Here’s what you’ll find out.

So here we go.

What we’re eating this week…

Well I’ve been on a yogurt and berries kick.

And we seem to have fallen into the habit of having pancakes about once a week. Funny thing is we never have them for breakfast, only dinner.

 We’re going to have Fish Tacos one night.

And some kind of protein with Enchilada skillet rice

What I’m reminiscing about…

Rush starts for Katie this week and of course it makes me think about my time going through that and then pledging. My “sisters” are still some of my absolute dearest friends and part of “my tribe”. I can’t wait for Katie to have that same feeling.

What I’m loving…

Having eyelashes for the first time in my life. It’s INCREDIBLE. I can actually remove my mascara and see them. These are the results I’ve had so far from Lash Boost and I can tell they are still getting even better.

Women who are starting out with decent lashes are having truly amazing transformations as well. Katie is using it and hoping she’ll be able to give up mascara except for nights out, etc…

If you’re sweetheart is asking you what you want for Valentine’s Day, tell him Lash Boost and I’ll take care of the rest. Just give him my website and he can order it or contact me for help.


What we’ve been up to…

Nothing exciting. Just getting back in the swing of things after the excitement of the holidays, kids home and family visiting.

What I’m dreading…

I can’t really think of anything, so that’s good.

What I’m working on…

Trying to figure out some interesting posts for Coast to Coast. If you have something you think I should write about, show, demonstrate, please let me know. I’m always open to suggestions. I’m currently working on a collaboration with one of my “sisters” who owns a darling children’s boutique, so stay tuned for that.

What I’m excited about…

Well my numbers here in blog-land are increasing and that’s just about one of the most exciting things ever for me. I call Kent and say I had X number of views today. WOOHOO!!! Thank you to everyone who’s reading my little space and coming back. Without you I wouldn’t have the excitement and challenge of trying to make this better.

What I’m watching/reading…

One Tree Hill!

Katie got me hooked on this over Christmas break and now I’m farther along in it than she is. I watch one episode everyday while I’m on the elliptical and then I usually end up watching at least one more in the afternoon. 

We continue to love This Is Us. Funny thing is Katie said she watched a bunch of them on her flight back to school so now I think she might be binging on this once she ever has time to finish OTH.

What I’m listening to…

Nothing new.

What I’m wearing…

All the soft things I can find. It’s been so rainy here and I just want to be comfy and cozy which calls for the softest tops it my closet.

 Softest plaid shirt ever (on sale) // boots (on sale)

 New favorite tunic // jeans  // lace up flats

 similar tunic sweater // jeans //  favorite booties (on sale)

 Circle Cardigan aka baby blardigan // jeans // similar booties

fuzzy sweatshirt (on sale) // jeans //  favorite booties (on sale)

What I’m doing this weekend…

Not a clue!

What I’m looking forward to next month…

❤️Valentine’s Day!❤️

What else is new…

Kent finally got an iPhone so we started getting him all set up last night and playing with it and will continue that tonight. He’s always had a Blackberry provided by every company he’s worked for and this is the first time he’s been able to have an iPhone. The kids and I have them so we are excited for him to now join the rest of us…or as Benny says, “welcome to 2007”. Hahaha!!!

I sure hope your having a great week and life is calm for you right now like it seems to be for me.

Happy Wednesday friends!




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