Time for a Makeover

Nope, it isn’t for me. 

It’s for some old bookends.

These bookends are vintage 90’s and they were very gold. I was just about ready to put them in a donate pile when I had an epiphany and decided to give them a face lift with my old friend Annie Sloan.

Naturally in true Lisa fashion I forgot to take a before picture. When will I ever learn and get my act together and remember to document EVERYTHING in my life for blogging purposes? Anyway, I was able to find this picture from back in our Richmond days.

I put several coats of graphite paint on them.

Here they are a couple of coats later.

Annie Sloan has recently come out with two new waxes. A white and a black. I used the white on these. I put a good coat on them and then wiped off the excess leaving it in the cracks and recessed areas.

It really changes the look of the paint.

Here’s the finished product. Bye bye gold, hello new improved.

Before you throw out your old trash, make sure it’s really not a treasure that just needs a little TLC.

It’s almost Friday!!!!





  1. January 6, 2017 / 3:48 am

    Looks great! Pottery Barn would sell those things for over $50 a set, too! Have you ever painted furniture with Annie Sloan? I have had my coffee table on my to-do list for 2 years now but haven't gone out to buy the paint. Any suggestions?

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