The Magnolia Story

I’m not a big reader, but here of late that seems to be changing.

For Christmas the kids gave me The Magnolia Story and I finished it in a week. For me that’s almost some kind of record. 

 Are you a Fixer Upper fan? Chip and JoAnna have swept the nation and people all over are falling in love with them.

Their story is so sweet and uplifting. They both “talk” in it and hearing them together and how they’ve worked together throughout their relationship and gotten to the place they are is inspiring. They share stories about the highs and lows. As I would reading it I would think, “I want to do that or I want to try to be like that”.

I’m now trying to figure out how to get my girlfriends to agree to a trip to Waco, TX to see the Magnolia Market. These two have single handedly or maybe double handedly turned Waco, Texas into a destination. (in my humble opinion) I would have never thought I’d want to go to a small town in Texas for a little girls trip, but while I was reading their story I couldn’t help but want to see this cute little town for myself. Their descriptions are so vivid and I could just see it all in mind while I was reading. It’s a feel good story that will leave you feeling like, “I can do this”.

So have you read The Magnolia Story? Are you a Fixer Upper groupie? Do you want to go or have you already been to Waco? Please share.

And if you’re not already on the band-wagon, you might want to jump on.😉

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!




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