Happy New Year!!!!

The New Year has arrived and with it an endless list of possibilities.

The end of this month will mark my one year “blogiversary” but we’ll have plenty of time to talk about that later.

BTW – Do you like my “bitmoji”? Do you have your own? Seems like most of my friends have gotten on board with them and are having fun sending them back and forth. I’m kinda feeling like it’s more of my generation using them because my college age kids don’t appear to have any interest in them. I’m sure they probably think they are super nerdy, but oh well! We’ve earned the right to be nerdy.

Are you a resolution maker? I’m not, but I am a little bit of a goal maker and dreamer.

My goals and dreams for this year include developing my little piece of the internet more and becoming more familiar with all the ways to make the most of it. I’d really like to increase my reach and grow my audience and figure out what interests you the most.

If there are certain posts you’ve loved more than others, please help me out and let me know. I’d love any feedback you are willing to share.

I’ve also spent the last year working hard to grow my Rodan + Fields business and plan to continue that as well. Since I don’t consider myself to be a real “salesperson” as far as personality goes, this is a challenge for me and causes me to stretch and grow and get out of my comfort zone. 

Here are a few pictures of our weekend which was very low key and uneventful. I got my house back to normal and of course it feels much bigger and less cluttered with all the Christmas decorations put away.

We started a puzzle while my mom was here and Katie and I finally finished it…1000 pieces.

We played some games in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve.

I whipped up this new family favorite to have for dessert after when we got back from dinner.

This may sound really sad and that’s not how it’s meant to come across, but we never know how many more of these opportunities we will have to spend special occasions as our little family of four. With Benny graduating from college in the spring and (hopefully) getting a job things will most likely be very different and then we will also hopefully factor in additions (wink, wink) to our family at some point too.

Notice my sign? Katie did a little chalk art for me to go with the occasion.

After dinner we came home and got cozy to usher in the New Year.

And of course then it was time for this yumminess. You can find the recipe HERE on my Pinterest dessert board. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie.


I had made this once before but Benny wasn’t here. He was in love and who can blame him? This has a thick Oreo crust with a homemade gooey caramel middle and then a thick ganache topping. It’s rich and decadent and both kids had a little more later in the evening and then we all finished it off yesterday.


And Katie and I did this 500 piecer Sunday afternoon…it was child’s play after the one we had just finished Saturday.

Today brings with it our last day with Benny at home. He’s flying to a “friends” tomorrow. We get to keep Katie with us until Saturday so we will just keep enjoying these days as long as we can.

Happy New Year friends!!!




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