Friday Favorites #42

Hey Friday! Where ya’ been hiding?

I don’t know about y’all, but it’s been a long week over here and I’m happy to see Friday.

Once again I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea and sharing my favorites for the week.


I love opening my bible and finding a couple of different bookmarks the kids made me when they were little. They evoke such precious memories.

Helpful hint: I wish I had written the date on them so I would have know how old they were. One of the ones in my bible is laminated, and I wish this one was.

Sunday morning I put this picture on my Snapchat story❤️.


We love our Mexican food! When we lived in Richmond, VA there were TONS of great options when we had a hankering for it. When we moved to MN we found 2 Mexican restaurants and neither of them could hold a candle to our favs in VA.

When we found out we were moving to CA we thought “GREAT”…we’ll have AWESOME choices for Mexican…WRONG!!! Here in Northern CA they have all these “taquerias” and none of them are very good. We have found one restaurant we do like and so we hit it up this week. I typically stick to the same thing but branched out and tried something different. 


Here’s the kicker…NOT ONE SINGLE Mexican restaurant has cheese dip/queso.

WHAT???? Yep, I’m not even kidding. I would never kid about something as serious as queso.


Chips and salsa for the win.


So y’all know I’ve declared my love for Halo Top ice cream.

They came out with a bunch of new flavors a couple of months ago and it’s finally hit the freezer shelves at our stores. 

We went on a quest this week looking for them and only found one…Red Velvet.

Well just let me tell you that it did not disappoint. It’s our new favorite.  


I sent this to Katie one day this week and love it.

I don’t want to see her or any of her friends (or Benny) settle for less than they deserve.


In case you missed yesterdays post, I talked about some great ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Click {here} to read more.

It’s not too early to plant that seed with a few ideas of things you’d like.


1 // 2 // // 4 // // 6 // // // // 10 


My bargain for the week…I wanted some pretty plaid pillows for Christmas time to go on our new sofa. Seeing as how I’ve told y’all I don’t like to pay full price I decided to wait til’ after Christmas and this week my patience paid off.

I went into Pottery Barn when I was at the mall to look around (and specifically check the sale section). They had quite a few things on clearance and these adorable pillow covers were among them. I walked out with 2 for $30. I really would have loved square ones, but hey, I’ll take these for sure. I looked to see if they are available online, but I didn’t find them, so check your local Pottery Barn if you’re interested.

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Hope you have a great weekend!!!




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