Friday Favorites #40

Well, well, well…what do you know. 

It’s Friday AGAIN!

This is one of those weeks that’s felt really long, but gone by really fast. Ever had one of those? It feels like the kids have been gone for a month instead of a week. Either way I’m just happy Friday has shown up.

ErikaNarci, and Andrea are hosting their usual Friday Favorites and as always I’m going join in to show you what made my list and  see what kind of week the rest of my blogger friends have had.


It just wouldn’t be a normal week if I didn’t find some new favorites on line to shop for. I’ve been looking at this sweater for a while and finally broke down and ordered it in black. It’s been staying cool here in CA and every single day I walk into my closet and want to find something warm and cozy to put on. This hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m hoping it will fit the bill and I’ll be as in love with it as I think I’ll be.

 BP. V-Neck Sweater


This one I ordered for Katie. We’ve been on the hunt for some cute dresses and skirts for her and I think this will be darling on her. I ordered it in black (gasp…I know you are shocked). She can wear it  with a scarf and tights and boots this winter and then in the spring it will look precious with a cute pair of lace up flats, sandals or booties.

 Socialite Dress


I’ve seen quite a few bloggers sporting this sweater and been really tempted. I finally gave in and ordered it too. The neck can be worn like shown here as off the shoulder or as a cowl neck, which is most likely how I’ll wear it. It’s described as “Cozy Fleece” and those are without a doubt two of my favorite words.

Gibson Convertible Neck Sweater


I tried a new recipe this week for Chicken Tortilla Soup from A Gal Name Al’s blog.

I recently discovered her through a link up and I’m loving her Tuesday Training series and Try It Thursday.

This soup was really easy and delicious. I added a can of black beans to ours, because #whynot?


I have been toying with getting an expresso maker for a few years. We were in Georgia several years ago and my sister-in-law made me the best latte I had ever had with one of these Nespresso machines. Theirs was an older version, but it was basically the same.

I came across a great DEAL on this one last week and so I ordered it for myself with money I got for Christmas. (Thanks Mom and Dad and Mac and Mona)

A sample pack of both coffee and expresso pods were included with it. They look like beautiful Christmas ornaments.  You can order more online or there are also free standing Nespresso boutiques and we are lucky to have one about 30 minutes away so we’ll go this weekend and stock up.

I wanted it as much for this milk frother as I did for the machine itself.

I got home this afternoon and had been freezing all day and made myself a delicious latte. What a great treat to have while sitting and relaxing before starting dinner. Stop by and I’ll make you one.😉

 So there are my favorites this week. What made your list?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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