That’s What You Call Tired

So last night we had pizza and sat down about 7:00 to play Dominos. If you play an entire game it takes a several hours.

You know that feeling of being so tired you can barely keep your eyes open. Oh my, it’s miserable. Have you ever been so sleepy you actually fell asleep in the middle of a game?

Yep, you guessed it. Yours truly was so tired by the time we got down to 4’s I FELL ASLEEP waiting for my turn.

Can you even believe it? It was comical. They said, “MOM” and I said “HUH”. I knew I was getting sleepy, but didn’t think it was that bad.???

Everyone say hello to Grandad

After my 1 minute nap I was able to finish the game.

We love to play games and Katie pretty much entertained us the whole time.


Hope you enjoyed your day and managed to squeeze in making some new memories for yourself. This morning we had to take my parents to the airport early to fly back across the country. We had fun while they were here and are so grateful and happy they were able to make the trip out to spend Christmas with us. Now the house will feel lonely for a bit, but thankfully the kids are here a little longer. Once they leave, that’s when it will really feel lonely.


Happy Wednesday friends!




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  1. December 29, 2016 / 12:50 am

    Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! You know, I have never really played Dominos. I'll have to try it sometime!

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