Weekend Wrap Up

Hello Monday!

Another weekend is in the books. It was gorgeous here in California and fall is showing its beautiful colors. 

Kent and I changed up our Saturday walk and instead of walking for our breakfast, we walked for our lunch. It’s about 7 miles round trip and it helps us to feel a little better about eating our bagels.

The Spinach and Asiago are my current favorite!

Saturday evening we were attending and volunteering at a benefit concert for a sweet friend at our church who is fighting breast cancer.

This is Trish and her husband Justin (who also happens to be our youth minister).

Trish has one more chemo treatment and then she’s going to be having a double mastectomy. Please feel free to add her to your prayers. She’s been such a trooper and inspiration to all of us.

Betty and I were serving food together (and no, we didn’t plan to match). Kent was bringing food to refill the serving dishes and Connor was the “bread” guy. What a great way to spend a night with people you love all working together to help someone you all love.

Sunday was our normal get up and go to church then do this and that day. A lot of times on Sunday’s we’ll make a visit to the outlet mall that is about 3 miles from our house. It’s a great place to be outside and get a little exercise (ahem, and see what’s on sale. wink, wink)

It’s typically pretty busy on the weekends as a general rule, but the closer it gets to the holidays the more INSANE it gets. You literally have to try and stalk people for parking places and it takes about 30 minutes minimum to find a spot.

Here’s what I’m the most excited about this week.

 These two knuckleheads are coming home on Saturday!!!!!


We can’t wait to have them back at home for a few days and Katie is bringing two friends.

Cassie and Carter

We are going to have a ball having a house full of college kids!!!! I can’t wait for Saturday to get here.

Time to get busy and get things done. I hope you are as excited to see this week fly by as I am. Can you believe NEXT WEEK is Thanksgiving????

Happy Monday friends!




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