Weekend Wrap Up – All the Happy Faces

Hello Monday and hello Thanksgiving week.

I can’t believe it’s already here! The rest of the year is going to go screaming by.

#slowdown #iwanttoenjoyit

Have you started cooking? Have you started shopping? Have you started decorating?

Yes, Yes, No

We had a much more lively weekend than usual once we picked up the first round of kids at the airport Saturday night.

Here’s Benny, Katie and Cassie waiting to board in Nashville.

Yay, there here!! Terrible lighting = bad quality, but happy photo.

We had some hungry kids on our hands after a long flight so…

First stop, In-N-Out…Cassie’s introduction to California. She gave it a thumbs up and Benny gave it 2 thumbs up! Benny loves all things meat being a guy in his early 20’s.?

Love sitting across the table from these two faces.?

This mama’s face was about to explode she was so happy to have these guys home.

Sunday we went to church and Katie got to catch up with her friends there and then it rained which made for a perfect afternoon of looking at old yearbooks and photo albums.

We were going to have family pictures made but the rain decided to come so now that’s happening today. A beautiful rainbow showed up and if you look close you can see it was actually a double rainbow.

We had a visit from Kam and these two picked up right where they left off.

Then it was back to the airport to get Carter and another stop at In-N-Out.

These three have the cutest friendship and we are going to have a blast with them this week. I may or may not let them go back to school. ?
I’m so #THANKFUL their parents were willing to share them with us.

And this is pretty much sums up how we are feeling right about now.

Happy Monday friends!!!



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