Wheels Up

And do you know what day that is????

We are going to see our kids at college!!!


We are so fortunate that they both chose to attend the same university making visiting twice and as fun with half as much travel.


I’m really, really hoping my new Lash Boost shows up on my front door step before we leave for the airport. It’s scheduled to be delivered today and I’m dying to start using it. If anyone ever needed eyelash help, it’s this girl right here.

This product is 100% natural and unlike others on the market it doesn’t come with the danger of changing your eye color or turning your lids brown.


Here’s all the info on it. If you’re interested just email me or leave a comment below.

What’s the difference between LASH BOOST and any other products for lashes in the marketplace today? For starters, Lash Boost also works on EYE BROWS! ?

1. You don’t need a prescription to get it??

2. It’s in a tube like mascara, so it’s not multi-brush drop application??

3. It has no eye color or pigmentation changing side effects?

4. It’s 100% SAFE!??

5. It’s available at a great price point?

6. Just like all RF products, LASH BOOST is based on Multi-Med Therapy System.? Lash Boost works on providing 3 essentials:

✔️MOISTURE through sodium hyaluronate.

✔️NUTRITION through 3 unique peptides.

✔️PROTECTION from breakage and brittleness with biotin and keratin.

LASH BOOST is the first of its kind. Combining both Hair Care and Skin Care Products, to create amazing LASH and BROW enhancing effects of Longer Looking, Fuller Looking, Thicker Looking and Healthier Looking Lashes and Brows!

You’ll have the lashes of your dreams!

Okay friends, it’s time for me to get ready to head to the airport!

Hope you have a great Thursday!!!




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