Stranded – Halloween Candy Edition

If you’ve been coming around here long then you know what this picture means.

The second Wednesday of the month Erika and Shay host a link up called STRANDED. They supply the topic and we name THREE THINGS within that topic that we would take if we were stranded on a deserted island. 



Well obviously these girls must already know me because if I’m going to be stranded I’m not going to care if I have any other food than CHOCOLATE. Yes, I’m confessing to y’all right now that I am a CHOCOHOLIC. Of all the “holics” I think this is the best! LOL

Now let’s find out what 3 kinds of Halloween candy I’d want to sustain me.


This is one I get from my dad. He loves him a Reese’s cup and so do I. I also love a Reese’s egg at Easter, a Reese’s football during football season and a Reese’s tree during Christmas. I like to consider myself an equal opportunity consumer. And let me just rationalize this in my mind as well, I’m going to want some protein and peanut butter = protein. Right? Right! While I’m telling you about my devotion to Reese’s I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask it you know about Reese’s Blizzards? Now this one came on my radar a few years ago when we were visiting my parents and went to DQ. Please tell me you know what DQ stands for?  Dairy Queen. Apparently the secret to a Reese’s blizzard is to ask for it to be made with chocolate ice cream. YUMMMM!!! Trust me and try it this way. You won’t be sorry!

 M & M’s.

Actually these should have probably been my number one. I LOVE M&M’s. I mean like really love them. I usually go for the plain ones, but if you put a peanut M&M in front of me I’m going to eat it too. I don’t care if they are the regular size or the mini’s, they’re all good. I do have a little quirk when it comes to M&M’s though and if you asked Katie she’d be able to tell you right away what it is. My favorite colors are the blue and green ones and I like to pick those out first.


I love them on top of ice cream, in cookies or just by themselves.

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Halloween Bark

My kids would ask for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and M&M’s for their birthdays.


My third choice would be a toss up between Junior Mints and York Peppermint Patties.

I’m a big fan of dark chocolate, more so than milk and these both have a dark chocolate outside with a delicious creamy, minty center. And if that’s not enough, these are one of the lowest fat candies available.


So if you were going to have three kinds of Halloween Candy to eat every day on the island, what would they be? Shout it out in the comments. Are these your favorites too? Please tell me you wouldn’t pick licorice. LOL

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Hope you are having a good week so far.



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  1. October 13, 2016 / 11:59 am

    I love a good Peppermint Patty from time to time. I actually crave it about twice a year. Junior Mints remind me of going to the movies as a kid. In lieu of popcorn, I always wanted Junior Mints. Man, that conjures up so many memories… So far, every person whose list I have perused has listed Reese's PB cups. You, apparently, are in very good company. LOL!

    Have a great day! Visiting from Stranded Linkup.

    Ericka from A Quiet Girl’s Musings…

    • October 15, 2016 / 5:34 am

      Yes, seems Reese's PB cups are super popular!!! Thanks for taking time to stop by! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. October 13, 2016 / 2:39 pm

    I am the same way with M&Ms- in a cookie, on ice cream, by themselves! So good!

  3. October 17, 2016 / 8:47 pm

    Thanks for reading Kristi!!! Here's to fellow M&M lover❤️

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