Hello October – Weekend Wrap Up


October 1st was like someone threw the switch over here in California and fall arrived. We went from the high 90’s to 60’s and 70’s just like that.

October is an exciting month in our family. My birthday is this week, our anniversary is next week and Katie’s birthday is 5 days after that.


We had another weekend with no big plans so let’s just see where things ended up.

We started Friday night by going to our favorite Mexican restaurant. It’s really the only one we’ve found that we like. When we found out we were  moving to California, we just knew there would be tons of good Mexican restaurants. Boy were we wrong. Everything out here is these little “taquerias” that have counter service and get a load of this…I’m not exaggerating even a smidge when I tell you not a single one has queso. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! Nope, true story.

On the bright side, this particular restaurant has delicious enchiladas!


We are so excited that our Friday night shows have come back on. What are our Friday night shows, you ask?

If you are a Tim Allen fan and aren’t already watching this show, please give it a try. 

We love it!

It’s in syndication on several networks and I’m one of those people who likes the t.v. on in the background when I’m puttering around and this is frequently my show of choice.

We love Hawaii Five-O as well. We have good friends who live in Hawaii and we joke with them not to go out on Friday night because from what we can see someone always ends up dead.

Blue Bloods

I was a little young when Magnum P.I. was on, but do remember it. I LOVED Tom Selleck when he was on FRIENDS and I love him on this show. He’s one of those guys who just seems like an all around nice person. I’ve read several articles about him and they seem to feel the same which  makes me love watching him even more.

On Saturdays Kent and I have been walking about 5 miles together. It’s a great way to start the day and since the weather is so great here, it’s just beautiful to be outside.

North Face pullover / hat / similar leggings / shoes

I love wearing layers when it’s chilly and we’re going out to walk. I was able to be comfortable the entire time. Once it warmed up I took off my pullover and tied it around my waist. I’ve been wearing Saucony running shoes for the last 10ish years. I had a really bad bout of plantar fasciitis that lasted about 3 years. NOT FUN!  My podiatrist suggested I get “fitted” for good running shoes and thus my love for Saucony began. 

This Saturday I suggested we walk down to the shopping center where there’s a bagel place and eat a late breakfast, early lunch.

Cranberry bagel with honey-almond cream cheese…yum-o!

We did some stopping along the way to look at the new aquatics facility being built a couple of miles from our house. It’s going to be really awesome!!!

By the time we got home we’d gone almost 6 miles, so we took an extra lap around the park to finish it off.

Not a bad way to start the day.

The rest of the day was spent watching the OU football game and then heading out to do some returns and have dinner at Chick-Fil-A because we’re just fancy like that.

On the downside…did you know that one little container of Chick-Fil-A sauce has 140 calories. 

#stickaknifeinmyheart #imsoverysad #whydilookthatup

I love that stuff and I have always been a condiment girl. Salad dressing, dip, mayo, anything like that I love. Now I’ve got to try and fall out of love with it.


Sunday was a pretty normal day for us…church, lunch, run around, this and that.


On the upside, I did get a little Christmas shopping done. YIPPEE!!!

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. I think a lot of people have started making their trips to the pumpkin patches and apple orchards.


Happy Monday!




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